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Texel have their full men, and there is a report as if Bancker should be gone out with about 30 saile, and should have set saile with them on Saturday last, but I have it not from any good hand. The deputies are now making againe toward the Texel one byone, but for de Witt it was on Saturday last resolved in the Estates Generall that he shall go to sea with the fleete, and he hath prevailed with old Huygens of Gelderland to go with him, who is neare fourscore yeares of age, and hath no understandung in the sea, and therefore the fitter to be joyned with de Witt that he may absolutely do what he pleases, and these two are to have the power of a Roman dietatour in the fleete, and to represent the Souveraignty of the State there and to act and command in all things as if the State itselfe were there, so that Tromp and all the other officers of the fleete shall be but as cyphers, and de Witt hath chosen Doleman and a Dutch colonel called Metre and 2 lieutenant colonels, and its said that he intends also to pitch upon some skillfull in sea affaires, to go to sea with him, and these he will make use of as his councell upon all occasions, and its conceived that de Witt and Huygens will not go in Tromp's ship but in a ship apart whereby they may be at liberty upon all emergencies to go from one part of the fleete to the other, as they shall see neede, whereby to keepe them running away, and to put them on. Moreover he will promise strange rewards and advaucements to all that shall do well, and immediate death to those that shall doe otherwise; and seeing de Witt himselfe now goes all is at s'take this boute, and he goes with Obdam's resolution to conquer or dye; if he conquer, Caesar never made such a triumph as he will do, if not, tis obvious what will follow; nor is there any man in this country more his eonfident nor more zealous against his Majestie then Doleman, that goes with him, and de Witt said that he intends to be going hence for the Texel about 8 dayes hence, having somewhat to do to prepare himselfe. Its certaine that he can very ill indure the sea, the least mentiou of a ship makes him sick, he was very much out of order when he lay onely in a galliot at the Texel, and hereupon he hath made himselfe a kinde of a bed that shall hang like a hamake, that it may hang steady when the shipp tosses and tumbles. They are every day forcing back to the fleete such of theire men as had liberty to go home, both seamen and marine men, and when these are all returned or their time out, then and not till then some judgement may be made what number they yet want, and their land levyes come in exceeding slow, nor are like to come in faster so long as the men are in auy apprehensions of being drawne out to the sea, to which they have no minde, and the lesse because they say they are but ill used, especially in many of their ships. Deputies of the Estates Generall are gone hence yesterday to agree with ship Carpenters for the building of their second 24 greate