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ships whieh are all to be ready against May next, and they are to let them out to such as will build them the cheapest according to thë dimensions in their instructions wherein is particularly set downe of what size and condition everything is to be. There are 11 ships of theire present fleete (including the greate one lately built at Rotterdam) that are yet in Zealand and the Maes, 10 whereof are speedily expected at the Texel, but as for the new greate one it is much questioned whether they will be able to have her for this next fight, and there is one most gallant new ship now built in Zealand for the admirall of that province. Doleman is gone hence yesterday to his house at Rhenen to prepare for his sea voyage, and intends directly thence for the Texel.

176. DOWNING AAN ARLINGTON, 4 Aug. 1666 !).

Sunday last Trump tooke his oath in the Estates Generall and is to comand in their fleete, notwithstanding all the opposition of those of Zeiand, how it will goe between him and de Ruyter when de Ruyter shall be come to their fleet is another question; de Ruyter will thinke much to be under Trump; on the other hand, Rotterdam is the first admiralty in ranke of which Trump now is. Cornelius Everson hath writt hither that there are 5 ships of the Maes ready, and 8 of Zeiand and 37 of Amsterdam, North Holland and Frise; in all 57 the rest wanting yett of their men. De Witt is now gone to the Texell, Doleman followes him within these 3 or 4 dayes, but collonel Metre hath desired to be excused, so that there goes no collonel but Doleman (who is as buisy as a bee), and they have chosen out of their captaines and lieutenants of their best men to be put on board every ship one, and by this meanes and of those supernumerary officers that de Witt will have about him to putt on board any ship as occasion, and having their ships very full of men, they promise themselves an assured victory this boute; they suppose it will be yett 24 dayes ere their fleet will be ready to gett out, and they hope by that time their new ship at Rotterdam will be ready also, that so they may have her out with them, though there is yett much doubt thereof; she carries 80 bracs guns, and if she goe out Trump will goe after her. I gott passage with the last pacquett with the boyes, for a master of a ship of Newcastle lately taken upon the coast of Seotland comeing from Norway and brought into the Texell, he said that he saw 23 Dutch ships from Cadix, France, etc. come into Bergen in Norway, and that more were expected there, and the newes bookes here are still every

i) R. O., Holland 177. — Uit den Haag.