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Rotterdam is not yet fallen downe from before the towne, and she cannot take in a gun till she have a wind to carry her out to sea, and in againe to Helvett Sluce or the Texell, and the 3 new ships lately fallen downe from Amsterdam doe yet want many guns and men. One o£ the captaines of their fleet absented himselfe resolving to goe to sea no more; whereupon 600 gilders was sett upon any that should bring him in, whereupon be appeares againe, and they say must goe to sea in his former ship againe, his name is Gomer Gerritts. There is a resolution taken for the casheiring of 17 of the captaines in the late fight, at which there is much discontent among their seamen. De "Witt's rich embroidered coate and rich coates for his guard of Halberdeeres and velvett beds and cushions and all other gallantry are hastning hence with all speed, and there are sundry English prizes brought up yesterday to Amsterdam, and there are severall others in Amaland, the Eems and Delft Siele in all 12, whereof 5 Verginie ships with about 3000 hogsheads of tobacco, one with 200 pipes of oile and other goods, one with currents, 3 with sugers and cotton wóoll, and the other two I know not what they are, but truly as I have alwayes hinted it deserves a speedy dayly consultation of some appointed for that purpose to consider how to cast your trade into a way of surety, and for the rest absolutely to restraine it, all these prizes are brought round Seotland. Upon the report only that our fleet was returned.for the coast of England, the East India actions rose from 311 to 325 %, hoping their East India ships might in the mean while gett into Norway.

178. DOWNING AAN ARLINGTON, 11 Aug. 1665 »).

Thursday last de Ruyter came in to Delftziel by Emden round Seotland with 19 saile of ships, and a galliot or pinnace, among which they say are 7 prizes that are most laden with sugar, and that he hath 5 or 6 chests with gold, and they say that he hath taken all in Guiny, exeept Cabo Corco, which he could not take without the helpe of the natives who are all for the English; they say also that he hath taken and ruined in the whole since his going out 30 saile of ships, and among them a small fregat of 18 guns which he hath kept; he hath also brought with him Selwyn the Governor of Cormentine whom the Estates Generall have resolved shall be kept for the present it Groningen, when they will examine him a thousand times over, to trye what they can pump out of him; de Ruyter's ships were extreamely out of order in their sailes and cordage, and some of them in their masts, and he had but 6 dayes victualls left in his owne ship

1) R. O., Holland 177. — Uit den Haag: