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and lesse in some others, so that had he not got what provisions he got at Newfounland I do not see how he could have made his voyage back for Europe, and that was the reason of his comeing into the Emes having so little victnals left, that being the first land he made, he came in, in a greate storme and without a pilot, and yet suffered no harme; I do not finde that any of the galliots sent out to give him advice had met him, but onely one that had mis't him, and was returned back, and which they say hit upon him neare this coast, and in like manner the ships at Vlecker missed of the advice sent to them, and so ventured out, and happened to get in safe. All they have now to expect, is their ships at Bergen and their East India fleete, of which as yet I heare no news; if they had them it is very much to be questioned whether they would adventure out any more this yeare with their maine fleete which is now upon the point of being ready, and thejj say de Ruyter brings 2500 men iu his fleete, so that they may be supplied by them with what they wanted, he brings also a greate many good officers, but for his owne person it is thought he shall not go out with this fleete, not barely because of Tromp's being lieutenant admirall of the Maes (which takes place of Amsterdam), but because Tromp is in the actnall possession of the command and let flye the flag, and so the making of an alteracion now tis conceived will make some stirre. Old Huygens tooke leave of the Estates Generall upon Saturday and is gone to the Texell. Colonel Haersolt writes from Osnabourg that the aecord is made betweene the Princes of Lunenbourg, and that there are upon that account above 12000 men to be disposed of, and that all the 3 brothers do offer to make an alliance with this State, and that the minister of France in those parts expresseth that his master is very jealous of the arming of the Bishop of Munster and others. Mons.r d'Estrade hath agreed with one Caroone (a Dutchman that lives here at the Hague) to go and live in France to be a principall directour of their new East India Company, he is a person that I know very well, and was many years employed in the East Indies by the Dutch East India Company, but is now out of their service, and the French kinggives him vast condicions, they say as good as 3000 ffi sterl. per annum and his charges of his transportation, and I know none in this country that better understands that businesse.

They say de Ruyter tooke that ship of 18 guns in St. John's bay, and he tooke on board himselfe all the guns and ammunicion of such ships as he destroyed; they say also that he gave 3 assaults to Cormentine before he tooke it, and that he gave all in it as free plunder to his men; they say also that the English have admitted the natives in Cabo Corco. I need not add that this arrivall of de Ruyter makes them very huff here, and would do much more were it not that they