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are yet in apprehensions for their East India fleete, which if they have the good luck to get home also, and their ships at Bergen, their hearts will be at rest for this yeare.

The ministers of Brandenburg have no answer to their proposition concerning -the restitution of their townes and forts. Their master intends to be at Cleve about October. Letters this daye from Amsterdam speake as if their fleet in the Texell could not be yet ready till next weeke 1).

It is already throughout the whole countrey that there is great hopes of peace, but he that will do any good heere must above all things observe his persone, also he shall eertainely hinder instead of advanceing what he would bee at, and so now in regard of their present huffe upon the account of de Ruyter's arrival must be quiet a litte while.

Severall of the provinces begin to speake of making Prince Maurice field marshall. The alarmes concerning the Bishop of Munster do increase. I do not finde their fleete can be ready of yet a weeke, they have note yet notified to the Estates Generall from the Texel any thing that lookes otherwise. Here is Montague come to towne who speakes big of de Ruyter, and his desires to go to sea in this expedicion, and his officers (if need) and what of their men they please; what will be done herein I cannot eertainely now say. Tromp hath actually his commission to be commander in chiefe, and they are pressed in point of time, but yet as to "any seamen that will be willing to go, they can 'quickly clap them on board, and they have ships enough at the Texel, having there a full 100 saile. They speake of a new oath tó be imposed upon any Englishman or woman whom they suspect, and upon refusall to be immediately banished 1).

How came de Ruyter to destroy soe many shippes at the Leeward Islands in the West Indies? Had not they warneing as well as Barbadoes? Shall not the Earl of Sandwich indeavour to takeorburn all those rich shippes at Bergen and not let these people be strengtbened with such a riches?

179. DOWNING AAN ARLINGTON, 14 Aug. 1666 %

De Ruyter's arrivall hath huffed them up beyond the skies, as farre as I can calculate my lord Sandwich his keeping neare our owne coast till he should joyne with Sir Jeremy Smith must have beene' a greate occasion of his escape. Had he beene taken their hearts had bin gone, yet they are in greate apprehensions least our fleete should

1) De volgende alinea uit het cijfer.

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