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attempt upon their merchant ships in Bergen, which they say are now neare 60 saile in number and many of them of vast value, so that it is an infinite treasure that is there, and nothing but an old insignificant castle for their defense. Moreover the advice this weeke out of France that a French ship come to Bourdeaux should have met 8 of their East India men about the Islaud of Tercera, makes them believe they must be by tbis time neare the length of Hitland or gone for the coast of Norway (Bergen as the said ship said), which makes them use all possible industry to get out their fleete, of which there are now about 80 saile compleatly ready and full of men, they having taken all out of the rest of their ships for the better manning of them, and de Witt and Doleman (who is as busy as a bea) have bin sounding the Spanish gat to trye if possibly they could not finde water enough to get out that way, for that then they could get out. with a wind to the westward or the south, but they say there is not water enough that way. Alwayes de Witt labours night and day to get them out least their businesse should be done before they get out, Latock came on Wednesday last from the Texel, and the wind having bin yesterday morning very much southwardly and rather somewhat to the east, he speakes with much coufidence as if they might be got out with it, and now being the spriugtides they would adventure so much the more, and the Estates Generall have ordered de Ruyter to command in chiefe and Cornelius Everson is next to him, so that Tromp shall from the first be but now the third, but yet if the wind should come faire before de Ruyter come to them, that they were not to stay for him, and they are mighty confident of this fleete so that though they be not above 80 saile, yet they are their biggest and best ships, and full of men, and they thinke they have made a greate reformacion among their captaines and other officers, and de Witt being there in person, they thinke uo man will dare to run away, or to be wanting in his duty. The allarmes concerning the Bishop of Munster continue still, and they say he had the last weeke a muster of some of his forces; within 5 houres of Grol, and the Ryngrave and others here say that for certaine he hath made ehoice of excellent officers, but as to the common men and the horses that very many of them are very meane. Those of Gelder sent some to him to demand what he would be at, he saith he desires no warre with this country, but onely to have his owne and satisfaction for the injuries done him. This State doth not make any further new levyes, they hope to get some at least of those of the brothers of Lunenburgh. There are beds and all sorts of conveniences that were preparing for de Witt and his corarades on board Tromps ship, and now de Ruyter is going it is not to be doubted but that it will be done in his ship, which is the Greate Hollandia that Cortenaer had in the last tattle, but yet it is much