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winds whereby the sea was very calme, they count themselves between 80 and 90 saile, besides yauehts and fire ships, and some merchantmen that they convoy; de Ruyter was not as I heare come up to them, but had layne the night before at Harlingen in Frise, and 2 or 3 light friggotts stayd to bring him out, in case he came not in time, so that undoubtedly he is with them; Trump is much displeased that the comand is thus taken from him, but yett he is gone along, and though this fleet be not so numerous as their last which consisted of 112 men of warre, yett they promise themselves better success, because it is full of men, and in regard of the reformation among their officers, and that de Witt is there in person. They are gone directly northward, and if they can gett home their East India ships and those from Bergen, they will thinke themselves well, but if they meet his Majesties fleet, they make no doubt of getting the better, and then who but de Witt!


In my last 2) I wrot that the Dutch fleet saild on the 12 ditto, but since wee have heard that they saild not till the 14 ditto, myn heer de Witt is gone with them and all thos 60 men that wer hyred hier to goe upon that flyboat the St. Pieter are put upon Tromp his ship. The comonalitie hier tacks it il that thos men should have beene so cheatted, and many of them says that in England they presse openly but here they doe it cheatingly. Yesterday ther saild from this 4 great flyboats, they goe all of them with provision to the fleet and tacks some land souldiers alongst with them. The 3 bushconvoyers are still lying on this road, the drumb bates daylie for men to them but can get none. It is said that they are to ly till they can get a good quantity of seamen which they are then to bring to the fleet to provide so many of them as wants ther number If they stir not til then it is lycke it wil be very long or they doe stir. It is now for certaine that 10 of the Dutch East India fleet are come into Bergen in Norrewaye; 2 are yett a missing, your men of warr as is reported wer but about 4 leagues distance from them as they came into Bergen. The East India Company receavid the tydings of ther being ther by ane galjoot which came from thence and aryved this weeck in Texell. Wee doe hear this day that one of your ships (the Yarmouth frigat) is tacken by the Dutch and brocht into Texell, this is reported but as yet no certantie, they say that she should have come in amongst ther fleet not knowing better but that she was under her owne ships, they say

1) R. O., News Letters 47. — Ongeteekend. Hand B. — Adres: „To Mr. Henrie Smith at the three sugar Loavs in Holburne, London". — Een andere hand schrijft (na aankomst te Londen) onder dit adres: „For Mr. Williamson".

2) Niet aangetroffen.