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ayant tel matelot, qui a vendu 14 ou, 15 marcs d'or, sans celuy qui se trouve dans le vaisseau admiral, qui mon te a 682 marcs d'or, et sans les dents d'elefants, le sucre et.l'indigo, qu'ils ont apporte en grande quantité, y non compris ce que la compagnie des Indes Occidentales a receu pour son compte.


Since my last hier is nothing past worth notice, only as formerly they have had many lying news spred abroad for the encouraging of the comonalitie as on Tuesday last they did report for certane that they had broght up 10 of your men of warr to Texell; that of your admiral should bee one, and this was so confidently believed that they wold have wagered thousands upon; ther was then nothing as gladnis and rejoicing amongst them and eomplimenting of the phanaticks with these words: now we shall restore you againe to your kiugdome, and on Wednesday they had a second lye amongst them which was yet more notorious then the first, which was that ther fleet had landed all ther land souldiers at Newcastle which shortlie after they did tacke in and fired all the coalpits; these impossibillities in a manner wer reportted for truth. Here is ane great talck of ane plott (as they call it) which the Bishop of Munster intended upon Aernhem, whereby he aimed to get the place in his possession, the manner how he intended to doe it was first to caus fire the hous of de Heer HugenS which lyes near the towne, and it being afire the peopell of the towne wold come for the most part to the quenching of the fire, and then he had of his men into the towne as they say 200 in readiness to keep out the inhabitants and to tacke it in ther possession, but the business being discovered (by one of thos who should have acted for Munster on that same business) severall of them are tacken, amongst whom they say ther is ane English gentleman, a captain under the States, who should have had ane hand into itt. Since this was discovered the papists are very ill loocked upon by the comonalitie.

Sir George Downing, H. M". envoyé extraordinar, was here on Tuesday last with his lady in coach but passed quiettly that few knew of his being here; he is gone to convoy his lady for Zeeland or Flanders. It is here very much reportted that he does not come back againe at this tyme and much feared here (if he be gone) that you will caus imprison ther ambassador van Gogh, for the affront they have done Sir George in tacking his secretarie from him, whom they still keep in prison and can give no reason why they doe so. Two of the 3

1) R. O., News Letters 47.— Ongeteekend, Hand B.—Adres aan Smith te Londen.