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ships which came home with de Ruyter which belong to this towne are with all speed macking ready, ther men are ordained to come all aboard to-morow when they are to monster and receave ther wages. We shall know then what great booty they get of that kingdome of riches which they are pleased to say they have broght alongst with them, for which safe arrivall of they have had this last Wednesday the wholl day ane day of thanksgiving. Our phanaticks here macks the Dutch beleive that ther is a great disorder and discontent in your fleet, and that your seamen at several tyms have beene neere revolting against ther ' oficers, laying to ther charge the fault that they forgatherd neither with de Ruyter or the East India ships. The names of the two ships captains whose men are to be payed to-morrow is captains Jan and Aert van Nes.

The admirals ship and her convoyers ly yet stil att the Briell and they continue here still very bussie in building of ther new shipsT The plague increases here, which with the bad tyms macks sad lamentation amongst many poor peopell. Our prisoners here are no other ways intertained then formerlie, ther dyitt is still the same. Here are about 14 Scots prisoners (seamen who have formerlie in peacebell tyms some of them served on ther men of warr); they wer tacken on a marchant ship belonging to France. They have sitten this 8 months in one roome; no intreaty hes as yet prevailed with the m asters of the prison for one weecks release to some of them that they might have the air. If they and others of EDglish persones here to the number of 70 wer not assisted with the charitie of ther countreymen, it had beene impossibie for them to have indured such great misery so long. This is all at present. I shall ever remain, Sir, your most humble and faithfull servant.

186. „A COPPY OF A DUTCH LETTER TAKEN", 23 Sept. 1666»).

H. Mog. Lords. In ours of the 21th *) we mentioned the shipps the House of Switen, and the Gelders Horseman and the St. Paul together with the severall victualling shipps, branders and merchantmen which they had with them, and how out of the report of an advice galliott which had left them at Dogger Sand we had infallibly thought to have mett them about the Texell, but this day we have understood to our wonder and sorrowe from commissary Aggis out of the Vlye the sad surprizall of the said shipps.

Wee cleerely see by severall advertisements from severall parts tbat

4) Bodleian Library, Oxford. — Ms. Rawlinson A 195, fol. 36. — Vgl. Brandt, 434. 2) Deze komt voor in R. A., St.-Gen., Lias Admiraliteit.