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to speack what they pleased; ther disapointment was great, for they had all of them concluded that 20 months pay would be the least should have beene offered them. Ther was one of them who flatter'd himself so greatlie that he questioned not but he should have had adoe with ane porter to cary home his money, this he told before a companie of peopell that wer at the court and swore that if he had his dew he wold have had so much as a man could cary, but seeing he was disapointed he wold however not fail in what he had promised, but called ane cruyer to whom he gave the 7 duckedons and some odd money he had receaved, who layd them on his wagen and cruyed them so alongst the streets to the seamans lodging who gave him one shilling for his pains, having had all the way he went a great multitude of peopell following him. Here is no other news at present worthe notice. I shall intreat you once more to be pleased to remind me, you will thereby doe a worek of charity. I am, Sir, your most faithfull and humble servant.

Ane hoecker arived this day at Flaerding reportsthat on Wednesday last they heard much shooting and beleeves that it has beene thos ships which went from Zeeland (I mean ther 15 men of warr) that has foregathered with some of yours. Mr. Joseph Williamsone Debitt. Creditt. For being 6 tyms in Amsterdam 1665 for money receaved at seveanent your business each voyage rail tyms from your coresponƒ 7 — 10 — 0 . . . ƒ 45 dent in Amsterdam :

For being in the Briell March 16tn receaved 10 duckedons

and Helvoetsluys ..ƒ4 — 10 is ƒ 31 10

For being two tyms in April 12 receaved 1

the Hague . . . . ƒ 6 — 6 duckedon is . . . ƒ 3—3

For postage of letters, ƒ 4—16 April 16 receaved 2

ƒ 60 —12 duckedons is . . . ƒ 6—6 April 18 receaved 3

duckedons is . . . ƒ 9 — 9 June 13 receaved 2

duckedons is . . . ƒ 6 — 6 June 20 receaved from him ƒ 43 — 6

ƒ100 —00

He payed to his Boeckholder what I owed him ... . ƒ 20 — 00

For one tearce of wyne he sold me for ƒ 30 — 00

Somme of all ƒ 150 — 00

Debursed as per the debitt ƒ 60 —12

Receaved of free ƒ 89— 8

This is the perfect accompt of what I receaved from tyme to tyme.