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Mons.r de Buat a Frenchman is to be removed from the Prince; a pass is to be given to the English gentleman that is with him to retire into his own countrey; Mons.r de Gent is to be his governor and thus you see-Mons.r de Witt is becom master of that party; the deputies of Zeiand are irated against the Princess Dowager for to have been the occasion of their deputation, and to have taken this resolution without giving them the least intimation of it, and many who endeavored to embroyle the States for to have the Prince's interest supported, seeing themselves abandoned, cry out now against the Prince and Princess more then ever the adverse party hath don.

The treaty with the Bishop of Munster is aggreed upon at Cleve and sent to receive the Bishops consent, wee hold it as don and hope that the English resident who is gone thither will not be able to break it with all his money; by the next you shall know the success of it. Wee believe your marquis of Castelrodrigo contributes underhand to the breaking of this treaty; I can not imagine how the King his master can find it his interest that this State be oppressed with enemys.

We have made a shift to bye 60 brass guns which carries 24 pound bul let of the Swedes in English merchants names. A good part of our artillery carryes bullets of greater weight then wee were wontto doe. The English have had a great advantage in that over us, but wee will remedie it, as wee have don partly already. And this is the present condition of our affairs; haveing peace at home wee shall be more able to encounter our enemies abroad, and thus you have what you disered of me, it being an extreme satisfaction to me to contribut to yours.

196. NIEUWSBERICHT, 20 April 1666 »).

MadUe de Beververt has been received at Antwerp, Gand and Bruges with very great demonstrations of civility and respect by order of H. Exc. the marquis of Castelrodrigüo, who commanded me to give him notice of the day she was to arrivé at Anwerp; I believe they will sett sayle from Ostend this very day.

On the 13* of this month the Prince of Orenge was declared the States child, he is to have tutors that will take care of his affaires and of his education; all his domestick servants are to be changed; its believed M. de Gent, one of the States, will be his governor; no English shall be admitted to be about him. The French auxiliaries are strangely ill satisfied of the States; it is impossibie they can aggree.

You have reason to believe that M. de Witt can doe nothing with-

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