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at the mercy of the first fireship that should be bold enough to attempt him. So the Prince tacking about, his squadron followed him, and the Generall tack'd also, and stood the same way, lest the wholè power of the Dutch should fall upon him, and then de Ruyter having such an opportunity, foliow'd us, till the Prince and the Generall were joyned togther. About this time there feil a fogg, bnt lasted not long, during which the Dutch steer'd away towards their owne coast, and the English towards theirs; parting near the midst of the Channell about 7 or 8 a clock in the evening.

In our retreat this afternoon, wee lost severall ships, viz. the Olovelree, the Convertine, the Essex and the Black Buil; these two last had taken a Dutch flagship, and were board and board of one another, when our retreat gave de Ruyter opportunity to seize them all three together.

Our fleet sayled for the Buoy of the Nore, and anchored there June 17th, and it was not till severall days afterwards that a computation of our losses could be made, which were as follows. Destroy'd in fight:

The Royall Prince, 90 guns, 600 men, Sir George Aiscough commander, admirall of the white. The ship burnt, the admirall made prisoner and most of the men killd or taken, a lieutenant and about 16 men escaped to us in a boat.

The Black Eagle, a Dutch prize, 50 guns, 180 men, John Silver commander;. she sunk just as she got cleer of the ennemies fleet, the eaptain and most of the men saved by our ships.

The Saint Pauk, a Dutch prize, 40 guns, 160 men, John Holmes commander, being disabled, was burnt in our retreat on Saturday, by order of the Generall; the captain and all the men that were alive' came aboard of our ships.

The Black Buil, a Dutch prize, 40 guns, 160 men, John Gethings commander; sunk after the ennemy had her in possession, the captain and men made prisoners.

Taken by the ennemy:

The Swiftsure, 66 guns, 380 men, vice admirall Berkley captain. The Essex, 56 guns, 260 men, captain William Reeves. The Chvetree, a Dutch prize, 60 guns, 280 men, captain John Chappell.

The Seven Oaks, a Dutch prize, 54 guns, 200 men, captain James Jennifer.

The Loyall George, a hired ship, 48 guns, 180 men, captain John Earle.

The Convertine, an antient prize, I thinke formerly of Portugall: 50 guns, 190 men, captain John Pierce. This ship was afterwards retaken again by the English.

Men of note slain in this battell: