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Sir Christopher Mings, vice admirall to the Prince 1).

Sir William Berkeley, vice admirall of the white squadron.

Henry Terne, captain of the Tryumph.

John Coppin, captain of the Saint Geovge.

Jeffry Dare, captain of the House of Swedes.

John Whitty, captain of the Vanguard.

John Chappell, captain of the Clovetree.

And three or four other captains whose names I have forgotten, besides Sir William Clerke, secretary to the Generall: who loseing one ot his leggs on Saturday, dyed of the wound upon Munday before the

fight was over. , The number of men slain and wounded, I cannot remember

without the sight of a list of the fleet, whereof I have written many

copies, but have none left by me.

In this long fight, there were severall commanders ofmyacquain-

tance, that behaved themselves rarely well; but I cannot name them

particularly, without seeming to offer injury to others, that deserved

as well as they. , There were also severall turned out for cowardize, but since the

admiralls did not think fit they should have any place m the fleet,

they shall have none in my paper. Of the losse of the enemy:

The Dutch did not publickly owne to have lost above four ships: indeed, by the observations I could make from the poop of the Royall Ctoto, where I stood all the fight, I thought their losse much more considerable, and so did other men that were-Tar better

iudges then I. ., . , ,.

Louris van Hemskirk, a discontented Dutch capitain, deserting bis masters, came on board the English admiralls some days after the battell, and gave them a list of fifteen Dutch shipps, burnt and sunk in the fight, among which were servall capitall ships of the first rate.

But whatever their losses were, they had all the marks of a Victory on their side: they carryed away as prize six of our ships ot warr, an admirall a prisoner alive, a vice admirall dead of his wounds; five captains, and near 1800 men prisoners, while the English hadno such tokens to shew, and all that can be said to^nke it seeni a Drawn-Battell, is, that the two fleets parted in the Channell half seas over, both sides sufficiently shattered, and almost beaten to pieces.

220. „NOTES UPON THE JUNE FIGHT, 1666" 2). Most men did impute the miscarriage of the English to be occasioned

1) „üied of his wounds'' (noot bij het stuk).

2) All Souls College, Oxford. — Ms. 256, fol. 143.