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and stood the saine course as wee did, or tacked in the rear, when he lost tiuie tu tack in the van; he might have sunk, burnt, and taken the remains of our fleet, before Sunday night, that the Prince came iu to our succour.

But if any one observes the whole series of this warr from the beginning to the end, and lookes a little higher then second causes, he may find reason to beleeve that the Divine Providence did always set bouuds to the vietors, like as he had done, long since, to the seas whereon they fought: hitherto shalt thou come, and no further, and would not suffer either party, when they had the greatest advantages, totally to ruine and destroy the other.

221. JOHN HART AAN WILLIAMSON, 14 Juni 1666 >).

Being by the blessing of God arrived in this doe make bold to give you an accompt of with hath passed my view between our fleet and the Hollanders the lltn instant. Wee discovered their fleet being at anchor 7 or 8 leagues from Ostend to the S. W. of it; our Generall made signe for the fleet to stand in amongst them about 12 a clock, which accordingly all hast was made for the performing of the duty of the fleet. Rear admirall Harman being headmost of the fleet, rear admirall of the White, to whom I was second, bore into the Zealand Squadron as 1 suppose, who rid in the head of the fleet, soe that great part of our fleet were presently engaged, for as soone as they saw wee would bare in amongst them, they all slipt or cut and made ready to receave us, and in the engagement this ship was soe disabled in ber masts, sailes, rigging and rudder, that she would neither stay nor beare up as the rest of the fleet did, but was forced to receive what 12 saile would bestow upon us, wherein I had about 25 men killed and wounded; but before they tacked, I saw the admirall made a huil, 3 fired and 6 or 7 maimed. About 7 at night, they tackt and stood towards the rest of their fleet, which our fleet had engaged, onely one flreship which thought to have layd us on board, but it pleased God that shee did not stay soe well as to take the wind of us, but came a little to leeward and left us, but I conceive not without some damage; so this ship being in the condicion she was, I stood in towards Ostend, and coming to an anchor 5 leagues short of it at 9 or 10 a'clock lay that night mending our riggings what wee could; at breake of day made 12.saile very neere us of and I conceive in pursuite of mee. I presently cut and stood for the harbor, but with

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