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a great deale danger, but att last tbere came to anchor, where I mended my saile and rigging; and yesterday morning I weighed anchor and stood to our owne coast to secure the ship. At 9 of the clock came to an anchor in this place, where I desire to receive orders from your honorv the ship is not able to doe any service till shee hath been in some doek. «


According to your honours instructions I made bold to give you account that yesterday being in the end of our station without the Eentish Knocke, I saw the Generall and his fleet beareing in and the Hollanders pursueing, but blessed be God I alsoe saw Prince Rupert with his fleet comeing up to our Generall, and all the Hollanders tacked to the Northward, and our sbips imediately tacked after them; Prince Rupert tacked within shotte of the weathermost yard of the Hollanders fleet, the wind being then at S- IS. East, and we heard chase guns all that forepart of the night, and I saw one ship on fire, but which it was I cannot teil, but alas I had neyther men nor ability to help them, nor did I know whether I might have gou out of my station.

223. „A TETJE NAREITIVE of the engagement between his Ma»"», fleet and that of Holland, begun June li"1 1666 at 2 a clocke afternoone and continuing till the 14th at 10 a clocke at night 2)". /

To contradict false reports of the ennemies and to rectify imperfect ones of our owne concerning the late engagement it hath been thought fit to publish this following narrative being very exact in all circumstances but those of the ennemies losse, which wee are confident is far greater then is herein expressed, though hitherto most disingeniously and artificially dissembled by them, so that wee must bee beholding to more time to teil the truth of it, relating herein onely what was visible to our whole fleet.

His Highnesse Prince Rupert being gone off from our fleet the 8* day of June with 20 sayle of good sbips and 5 fire ships to joyne with a squadron of 10 sayl more at Plimouth, his Grace the Duke of Albemarle on the 10 set sayle for the Gunfleete out of the Downs with 54 more and 4 fire ships, the wind at N. At 10 of the clock that

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2) R. O., S. P. Dom. Vol. CLVIII, n° 37. — Dit stuk is gecorrigeerd in de hand van Lord Arlington. Hetgeen cursief gedrukt is, is door hem toegevoegd; hetgeen tusschen [] geplaatst is, door hem doorgehaald.