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night wee anchored, the North Forland being 5 leagues from us bearing N.W. and by W., ther being a fresh gale at S.W. Ou Friday the llth of June at 4 in the morning wee waighed and stood northward untill 6 in the morning when then North Forland bore S.W. by S., 6 leagues off. The Bristoll being then 2 [leagues in the N.E. of us made signall that shee discovered the ennemies fleet, and wee from topmasthead made 8 or 10 sayle which proved the Hollands scouts. At 7 a councell of flagg officers was called aboard his Grace where it was resolved to bear with them which wee did, and at 10 wee discovered their fleet consisting of 84 sayle. At 11, the signall was given to draw into a line of battle, and at 12, being one league and 1/2 in the wind of them, wee bore up with them; they being at anchor then 7 leagues from Ostend cutt loose, all our fleet bore up upon them except some of the white squadron. At 1'4 hour after one, one of the Dutch admiralls fired the first gunn at the Clovelree, and then the fight began, wee standing to the S. E. ward, a fresh gale of wind at the S. W., soe that wee could not carry out our lower teire, and for feare of the sands where wee found but 15 fathom, wee bore up and came to the other tack: wee continued fighting all that day till about 10 that night, having fired foure of their great ships, sunk a vice admirall and another ship. On our side rere admirall Harman was much disabled, having two fireships on board him, but by good fortune cleared himselfe again. Severall other of our ships and especially the admirall, his courage carrying him the foremost to all dangers, had their regging and sayles very much shattered to such a degree as shee was forced in the sight of the enemy to chop to an anchor till shee had brought new sayles to the yards, the old being rendred uselesse. Which having finished by 8 that night wee cutt and cast to the Westward; as soon as wee had gathered way wee tackt and stood through the body of their fleet, which by 9 wee had done then tackt to the Westward again. By this time they had taken from us the Swiftsure, the Seven Oaks and Loyall George, who staying a little behind were cutt from our fleet. At 10 clock they standing Eastward and wee Westward parted for that night.

Saturday the 12th of June at 2 in the morning wee tackt and at 3 discovered their fleet on our lee bow and at 5 12 sayle on our weather bow which wee supposed a supply or part of their fleet which wee had severed the night before. At 7 wee plyed to the windward to ingage the enemy afresh, wee having the wind standing to the Eastward bore up round upon them and stood to the Westward, they then tacked and stood to the Eastward; wee then found that wee wanted 7 sayle of good ships that were gone off disabled from our fleet, neverthelesse wee engaged very hotly, at 10 wee tacked to the Eastward and fought through the very body of their fleet and feil hard upon the