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number small and greate; whereas wee are confidently assured from our owne observation, and from letters, that the enemy lost as many more, three of which new flagg ships, their men all sunk and burnt with them. And it is certaine they must everywhere have suffered a much greater losse of men then we from the difference in our manner of fighting, for the shooting high and att greate distance, damaged us most in our Rigging, and we on the other hand forbearing to shoote but when we came neare, and then levelling most att the Hulls, must needs have done more execution upon their men, the particulars whereof we shall quickly learne. In the mean tyme we know they went much shattered and torne into their first ports they could make, and concluded themselves entirely beaten, till from the Hague they were told the contrary by those who could know itt lesse.

224. „LOOSE REPORTS," 11—15 Juni 1666 »).

June the lltn 1666 the fleets ingaged, where was a hott contest till 10 att night. Some 4 of there great ships sunke and fired: one of 76 gunns a vice admirall, 2 of whose men wee tooke up: this fleet beeing going to joyne with the French, they consisted of 76 sayle and 10 fireships, and our fleet of 50 sayle and fowre fireships. It is afirmed on all hands that the Dutch were att anchor about 3 leagues off Oastend. Some say that the first began about 9 of the clocke in the morne, but most agree the begining was about 2 of the clocke in the afternoone. The wind blew soe fresh that most of our ships could not make use of there lower fire of gunnes, yett they plide itt soe hottley that the Duke was forced to lye by it a while to bring uew sailes to his yards, the former beeing rendered useless, and our ships niaintained the fight, but the Duke returned quickely and fought it till night. The Vanguard was hardly besett. The Porteland lost her head, boltspreet 2), foremost and top mast unhapiely, and on Sunday came into Harwich. The Henry was laid very hard upon by 2 or 3 Dutchmen and 2 fireships grapnailed her, at which severall of her men terrified leapt overboard, in soe much that he lost many; but the resolution of the rest that stayed behind was such as freed her from both the fireships though somewhat scorched and in fight soe disabled that she came into Alburough bay: from whence she with the assistance of some men out of colliares she found in Alburough bay to reman her, sett sayle towards the buoy in the Gunfleet againe.

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2) Bowsprit (boegspriet).