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June 12th wee encountred againe a farre hotter ingagment then before, in which the Dutch lost 3 sayle more, and we are jellous of the safely of the Swiftsure, Loyall George or Loyall Subject, and another. These 2 merchant men and the Spread Eagle sunk aflemish ship, all his men saved. It was thought the Hollanders would not make head againe, yett the comeing of 12 fresh ships together to them and 14 more about noone put them ahead againe, and was some discouragement to our men being alsoe soe much overpowred with numbers; yett the fight was managed with much resoliutionthat day, severall thurough charges being made.

June 13*". This morning the same breing gott ont of the fleet left the Duke with about 40 sayle; noe wind to budge, but when it blew a gale, and the Dutch valiautly came up in 2 bodyes one to the Northward of our fleet and one to the Southward; some shott passed between us, but little to the purpose; they (as God would have it) wanting wind, which att last came and with it (to our great comfort) our other fleet with the Prince whoe being joyned, the Dutch halled close upon a wind, one part to the Northward and the other to the Southward, our fleete standing to the Northward; it is notquestioned but they will fetch them up. The Dutch haveing the runne of 50 leagues and a Southerly wind, will hardly seaze Holland, which is their whole endeavour. Captain Dare in the House of Sweden wounded came neere Landguard fort on Monday morning, his men then came ashore; and soe did he himselfe very weake by cannon shott.

Jun. 14th. The fight was continued this day; it is reported that towards the evening a ship blewjup, but of which side none can affirme.

The enemy their losse hath been remarkable. Captain Terne, captain Bacon are said to be slaine.

June 15th. We beleive the fleet are making this way in sight of us. Now upon the closeing of our letters, beeing about 11 of the clocke, we discern neare 50 sayle, standing beyond the Stedway towards the Gunfleet. God send us good newes.

225. ENGELSCHE VERLIEZEN, 11—14 Juni 1666



Capt. Harman.

Sir Christopher Mings, dead.

Major Hollis.

Capt. Miller, dead.

Capt. Coppin.

Sir William Clerk, Secretary to the

Generall. Capt. Dare.

1) R. O., S, P. Dom. Vol. CLVIII, n°. 40. — De cursieve woorden (buiten schriften) zijn in een andere hand bijgevoegd.