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your pardon that I wrote not to you when I write to the King and his Royall Highness, truely I had not time to doe it the flagg officers being then with us, and I giveing out this enclosed order to them. But Sir the loss wee have received is the Black Eagle suncke which was soe shattered that all wee could doe was to save her men; the St. Paul which was in the same condition wee burnt and saved her men likewise. At the Galloper the Royall Charles, Royall Katherine and severall other shipps were twice aground, but all gott off except the Royall Prince which was lost on that sand makeing but little defence, wee sent to save her men but they had yeilded the lieutenant and some of the seamen are here with us from whom I shall give you a fuller accompt. They burnt her presently not haveing time to take anything out of her. The captaine of the Convertine gave upp his shipp without a shott. The Essex feil foule on the Buil who was foule on a prize which wee had taken. I presume the Buil and prize both suncke, but the Essex they carryed away. If Sir W. Berkeley be well which I have not heard of since the first beginning they have noe more. Captain Bacon, captain Tearne, captain Wood, captain Mootham and captain Whitty are slaine. I assure you I never fought with worse officers then now in my life, for not above 20 of them behaved themselves like men. And if you please to come downe to the Gunfleet where wee intend to anchor the fleete and consult about the modelling thereof, I conceive it wilbe best such of our shipps as must goe into the docke I shall send into the river and to Chatham, aud the rest to keepe with mee; our rigging and sailes are much torne, and because I thinke wee may want Carpenters to repaire those shipps that shalbe keept by us, if you please to allow the Carpenters of the fleete for their worke I conceive they wül dispatch more then any Carpenters that can be sent downe, I shall take care that the officers shall see them worke if good directors be sent downe for the yards. I pray take care that more seameu may be prest and sent downe to us, for wee shall have want of them. They have killed and wounded many of our men, Sir W. Clarke had his legg shott off and dyed within two days after. The Loyall George, Seaven Oakes and Sir W. Berkeley are still missing, which three never ingaged with us. Captain Coppin is dead of his wounds. Royall Charles at the Gunfleete June the 16* 1666.

233. „RELATION DE LA VICTOIRE emportée par les Hollandois sur les Anglois", 16 Juni 1666 *).

Le vendredy 11" de ce mois, la flotte d'Angleterre vint attaquer

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