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the unicorne running and the Lyon with one elaw, one dogges thigh and a sword in the other elaw strikeing between the head and shoulders of the dogg. In another place that man hath made the warre that is the Chancelror, for the King is pretty good, but the Chancellor doth all and the Bishopps. When all this was sett in exquisite manner, then was the fire kindled and small guns like chambers dischargd, and many fireworks and some more then was desired, for the fire flying over the walls was by the wind so caryed that it burned two houses and a barne; many children killd and many hurt, however wee kept it till 5 the next day, till most people wanted bedds, for their heads was too heavy for their bodyes, and now I leave you to judge of the accepta blenesse of this sacrifice. About 8 dayes Mine heer Trump went by my dore in a coach with more people admiring his valour then I ever saw goe after the bears to the beargarden, though the ape was there also. But now he is gontothe fleet, where the Heer de Ruyter remains, and are indeed to be at sea so soon as next week on Monday to sett saile if wind and other things prevent not; about 80 or 90 saile for having lost but 6, Those that are disabled are mending and there is 9 that were provided for the Dane, but wee must christen our own child first. There is also order to build 16 new ones, all to carry 80 guns a peice, so that wee that now are masters of the sea willkeepet. Wee are here assured that the French have landed 30.000 men in Ireland and have taken many places in, and our fleet makes so much the more hast, for wee are Bending 20.000 to ioyne with them and many thousands of shovells and spades and pickaxes and sueh like instruments for what designe is in hand; wee resolve now to take England quickly, it not being able to resist. And now a prophesy is fullfilled, that the English should have the first, the Dutch the second fight and England shonld bee once more a Republiek again and governed between Dutch and French.

The Lyons skin is sold. The Dutch must have England, the Danes Seotland and the French Ireland.


In meinen allerunterth&nigsten jüngsten vom 25ten Junij habe ich etwas weitlaufftig erwehnet, was damabls von der jüngst blutigen Battaille rapportiret worden. Uud ungeachtet immittelst ein zimbliche zeit verflossen, welche billich die warheit hette sollen an das Hecht bringen, so treffen dennoeh die rapporten von hofe mit denen Leüten so da impartialemeut seheinen von der sache zu diseouriren und sind selbsten in allen actionen mit gewesen, annoch nicht eigentlich überein,

1) R. St. — Anglica. — Uit Londen.