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this morning by six a clocke towards the enemy, whose whole body we understood to be in the Gunfleet, but about 12 at night the wind veared and came in our way and we are obliged to attend its motion. We had one of our captains yesterday abroad in a small vessel to bring us what intelligence hee could of them, and late at night he return'd and brings au account that the Dutch are but 90 sayle except hoyes and things not to be reckoned, so that God be thanked we have probable meanes for victory with us, being 91 saile of good fighting shipps (after we have taken the men of severall of the lesser shipps and merchants, and left them behind) besides 17 fyre ships, but the issues of warre are iu heaven and I hope the divine goodnesse will not turne from us. As soone as ever you find the wind at any point betweene the S. S. W. and N. W. points, conclude we are going to speake with our insolent ennemy, who have too long braved it-on our coast.

163. SIR THOMAS CLIFFORD AAN LORD ARLINGTON, 30 Juli 1666 „at noone" \).

My last was yesterday morning by Col. Eubanke in which was only an account that we were under saile.

We came to an anchor yesterday about noone in this place upon the returne of the leeward tide which was the occasion ofit, the wind continued fresh and good all that day and till midnight S. W, but it was not thought proper to weigh againe so late in the evening, but it was resolved to be done early this morning, but the wind will not yet permit, it is at N. N. W. and at best N. W. by K, and the neerest point we can try alonge, the Middle Ground, is North, so that unlesse the wind vere two points to the westward we are like to stay here all day and till it better which I believe will be too morrow upon a new moone, and if it goe round easterly it is like to be a setled wind for us. Yesterday in the afternoone all our flag officers were on board at councell, and some ships of each division were ordered out with fireships to see if any good could be done on those of the enemy that did lie iu the Gunfleet, but captain Eliot in the Revenge brings us tidings that they have now got theire fleet all in a body together between the Gunfleet and Longe Sauds head, I presume upon notice by theire scouts of our moving, Captain Eliot sayes they are in all but 90 sayle great and small, and we are as many good fighting ships. 1 wish his Ma.«e had but seen us yesterday under sayle, I am sure he

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