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astérne that the headmost of the Blew had very hött service. This dispute continued till night even as long as they could see to fyer, dureing which time 4 of the enemyes ships were seene on fyer, and we lost the Resolution by a fyership of the enemyes (she being much disabled before). This day about 6 or 7 in the morning they began againe, and the guns were heard till 9 and then ceased that we could heare noe more, and what the issue of this dayes engagement may be we doe not yett heare, yett hope well because the Dutch in our judgment seemed to draw our fleete further from our coast by the losse of the report of the guns. This fight was begun 12 or 13 leagues S. E. and by E. of Orfordness, we think about 5 sayle of our fresh shipps from the Buoy in the Nore were sayled to our fleete.

Mr. Shuttleworth from about 2 in the morning x): The Resolution being much disabled, her fore topmast gon, the Admirall of Zeeland came with his fireship and burnt her notwithstanding our Rear Admirall of the Blew tacked about with his division to have saved her. When the Admirall had fired the Resolution he kept his winde with one with him; our Admirall of the Blew squadron and 8 or 10 more with him stood after them, tbe rest of the Blew stood to the East engaging the reare of the enemie but could not make them beare up; so that they weathered the Red and White wbo stood to the Southward. At 6 at night the winde came West. Our Blew and the Flushing stood to the Northward and the rest of the fleets to the Southward, and kept fireing till night. This morning we saw our Blew standing to the Southward and engaging the enemy. We have burnt 4 of their ships.

267. „A SHORT ACCOUNT of what happen'd after the June fight 1666" *).

Ample satisfaction was made for the miscarriages of the June fight before the summer was over.

For, on the 28th of July next, the greatest and most glorious fleet that ever went out of England at one time sail'd fron the Buoy of the Nore, consisting of

90 ships of warr.

17 fireships.

50, or 60 small vessells attenders on the fleet. 2 hospitall ships. 24 victualling ships.

A fleet of ships bound for Gottenburg to fetch masts, hemp, pitch, tarr etc.

1) Dit is een aanteekening in een andere hand.

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