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About halfe an houre past 9 a'cloeke the van of each fleet came nere each other, and the headmost of their ships began to fire at ours, ours not fireing till about (halfe an hour after, and then the Anne fired and presently the whole squadron was engaged with their van.

At 1lt houre past 10 one of our fireships goeing on board the headmost Admirall was put off and burnt in vaine.

Soone after 11 the van of the fleet gave way a little, about one the whole van gave way and bore before the wind from ours; about halfe an houre after the Royall Katherine, St. Georye, and one ship more of the White come out of the line and lay by to mend ther hurts.

About 12 the Rupert lay by to mend her hurts, about one we saw a ship blow up in their line, about 3 a clocke Sir Robert Holmes came out of the line, and lay by, both his topmasts being disabled.

Between 2 and 3 a clocke we saw a ship burne, and blow up in the Blew squadron which we find to be the Resolution, about the time one of de Ruyter's fireships was sunke by the Soveraigne, and then de Ruyter's'topmast was shot downe.

Nere 3 a'cloeke our Admirall came out of the line to mend his hurts, and the Soveraigne came into his plan and forced de Ruyter to leeward.

Soone after 3 a'cloeke all thier ships bore away before the wind except those who broke in between the Red and Blew squadrons. About this time we saw a ship blow up about the middle of the line, which we judge to be one of theyrs; about 4 a'cloeke we saw a ship burne nere the Generalis which we judged to be a fireship of ours; about 1I2 houre after we saw a ship blow up nere the Royall Oake which we judge one of theyrs; about 6 at night we observed the Blew to cut off from the rest of our fleet, and part of the Dutch fleet engaged with them, and standing towards Sir Robert Holmes who endeavoured to get the wind of them.

We continued the fighting with the rest of the fleet till it was dark, about 10 at night a great new ship of theyrs wich had been brought by the lee of the White squadron was burnt and blew up; about 12Banckaert's ship brought by the lee alsoe was burnt and blew up.

Thursday morning the wind at S. W., and soe soone as it was light the Red and White squadron chased the body of the Dutch fleet with wich they kept company all night being in number about 40, but it being little wind, few of our ships could come up with them, and about 9 a clocke one of our fireships attempted to goe and board de Ruyter, but was put of and burnt in vaine. About 10 the Soveraigne being in shallow water tacket and soone after the whole fleet tacked except some few fregats who chased them quite into the Willings. Then wee tacked and stood into the sea, and about 2 in