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the afternoone we saw the rest of the Dutch fleet chased by the Blew squadron, but noe guns fired by eyther, but observed the Blew to windward of them; it being little wind, that afternoone we came not soe nere the Blew squadron to be discovered by them although we made them very plainely. About 5 the Generalis tacked towards the shoare, hopeing by that meanes to prevent their getting into harbour. About one a clocke that night the Generall anchored to prevent being driven to leeward by the tyde, but our fleet not knowing thereof were in the morning very farre leeward of them. At daylight the Generall weighed anchor the wind being easterly but little wind, and we saw parte by him to windward that 32 sayles of Dutch that had the day before been chased by the Blew, but not seeing the Blew with them wondered at it, and heard when they came to us, wich was about 2 of the clocke that day, that at 9 the night before Sr. Jer. Smiths pylot was perswadeing him they were nere the shore, he with the Blew tacked, and stood into the sea, by wich meanes these said 32 Dutch went all into the Weelings to the forementioned 40 sayle.

269. „M* PLEB.SE CHYEUKGEON GENERALL's DESCRIPTION of the late fight, Aug. 1666" l).

Our ffleete wayed anchor about 4 of the clock on Wendesday morning Aug. the 4 and we then judged Orford Nesse to beare. from us W. and be S. about 15 leagues of, and the Dutch fleete S. and be E. about 4 to leeward of us, the wind being then at N. N. E. and our ffleete stoode with their van.

At 6 of the clock the wind was N. and be W. litle wind, and we being then within 2 leagues of them observed most of the starnemost of their ships to ly with their foretop sayles to the mast that so they might bring their fleete into a halfe moone forme with equall distance each from other, the better to avoyd ffiersbips (we haveing the wind) and also hopeing by that meanes that either the van or reare of their fleete by tacking might wether all or great parte of our fleete.

Abought halfe an hour past 9 the van of both ffleets came neer each other, and the headmost of their ships began to fier at ours, but we fired not till about 1ja an houre after, and then the Anne began and soone after all our with squadron was ingaged, and fought as bravely as men could doe.

Abought '/2 an hour past 10 one of our fire-ships going a board their headmost Admirall was put of and burnt in vaine.

Soone after 11 the van of their fleete gave way a littell.

About 1 their whole van gave way and boare up before the wind

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