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about which time we saw one blow up in their line, halfe an hour after the R. Katharine, St. George an one ship more of the White came out of the line and lay by sum small time to repaier their damages and then boare in againe.

About 2 the Rupert lay by to mend his hurts.

Betwene 2 and 3 we saw a ship burne in the Blew squadron which we find was the Resolution and nere the same time one of theirs blew up.

About 3 our Admirall came out of the line and lay about an houre to repaire his damages and the Soveraigne feil into his place. Soone after de Ruters ffireship was sunke and his maine topmast being shot downe boare into his ffleete befoare the wind. Betwene 3 and 4 the Henry came out of the line, both his topmasts disabeled.

About this time their whole fleete boare away befoare the wind except those that broake in betwene the Red and Blewe squadron.

About 4 we saw a ship burne nere our Generalis whieh we judged to b^e a fiership of ours.

About 1j2 an houre after we saw a ship blow up nere the R. Oake which we judged to be one of theirs.

Abought 6 at night we observed the Blew squadron to be wholely cut of from the rest of our fleete by their reare who tacking wethered moast of them, and stood toward the Henry who was all aloane.

The Red and White chased those with whome they ware jngaged till it was darke.

About 10 at night a great new ship of theirs, brought by the lee by the White squadron, was burnt and blowne up.

About 12 Bankerts ship brought by the lee allso by the White squadron was burnt and Blew up.

Thursday morning the wind was at S. W. and as soone as it was light, the Red and White chased the body of the Dutch fleete with which they bad kept company all night (they being in number about 40) but it being littell wind few of our ships could get up with them, but about 9 of the clock one of our fier-ships atempting to goe aboard de Rutter was prevented and burnt in vaine.

About 10 the Soveraigne being in shallow water tacked after, so did the whole fleete except some few ffriggats which chased them till they anchored in the Weylings. Then the Red and White squadron stood of from the shoare the wind being easterly and blew pretti fresh; in the afternoone about 2 of the clock we saw tbe remaining part of Dutch chased by the Blew squadron, but no gunns fiered by either, but it seemes allthough we saw them plainely, thay saw not us.

About 5 at night the Generals and boath squadrons tacked and stood into the shoare hopeing by that meanes to cut of the remaineing part of their fleete.

About 1 that night it being littel wind the Generalis anchored to