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272. CLIFFORD AAN ARLINGTON, 2—7 Aug. 1666 »).

Monday 2d August 1666. — My last to your Lordshipp was this morning, as wee were under saile from the Gunflete, wee had but little wind easterly and variable, the enemy plying to the Eastward before us, at eight this night wee anehor'd, Orfordnesse being W. by N. 3 leagues and 1/2 off, and the enemy 5 leagues S. E. and by E. from us.

Tuesday 3d. — All the last night was very stormy, lightning, raine and thunder, with one very violent clap the Jersey was disabled, his maine topmast broken in pieces, and his maine mast split from the top almost to the bottom, the Commander Mr. Digby was in great affliction for the accident soe neer before fighting. Por the General order'd him to returne to Sheernes with the frigate to bee repaired, notwithstanding his earnest desire to stay on board the Royall Charles a volunteer. Most of her men were taken out to supply the want of the fleet. At 6 this morning wee weighed with a fresh gale of wind at N. N. E. and N. E. At 8 wee anchored againe, hazy weather, wee could not see the enemy. At 2 this afternoone wee weighed againe with a fine gale at N. N. E. and stood off, at 4 we discovered the enemy standing with us, both they and wee made all the saile wee could to gett ahead, but they still kept the wind if us, and if they had not been afraid to engage soe neer our sands, they might have taken great advantages upon us, for wee were not onely disordered and out of our line, but very much seperated and scattered from one another by soe much endeavoring to get ahead; and in this striving, some of our ships reeeived prejudice, the Rainbow lost her maine topmast and the Happy Returne by intanghing with another ship had her maine saile torne in the middle, and the Dutch might have been upon us, if they had had mettle in an houre, and at this time 9 ussure your Lordshipp our affaires looked with a scurvy face, but the enemy tackt and stood from us. At 8 this night wee anehor'd at the leeward tide and the enemy did soo too.

Wednesday Aug. 4th,- St. James' Day. — At 2 this morning a fine gale at N.N. E. wee weighed being then 11 leagues east from Orfordnesse, at foure wee discovered the enemy 4 leagues S. E. by S. from us, wee bore looking upon them to engage van to van, which by ten wee effected, the flag of defyance was then spread, and wee all bore in, the White engaged hot this houre, the Red at eleven and the Blew by twelve of the clocke, and some after the Resolution was boarded by a fireship sent from Trump, and was burnt, but capt. Hannam

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