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the commander had cleared the fireship againe, but could not quench the fire in his owne ship; our next ships sent boats, and saved the captaine and most of his men. The Royall Charles engaged de Ruyter hand to hand much within musket shott and fought with much bravery, the Royall Charles was much disabled by de Ruyter in yards, masts and sailes, soe that wee were foreed to give out and repaire, wich held us almost an houre; de Ruyter was all that time engaged, and then we bore in againe upon him, and after an houre and halfe's dispute more, hee gave way, but the Charles was againe soe much shattered that wee had not a rope to help ourselves, and could not steer, soe that wee were towed out of the line by boates. Now at 4 of the clock de Ruyter began to make all tbe saile hec could and run, but with great gallantry would make severall tacks to fetch off his maimed ships, and once endangered himselfe very much for the rescue of his second, who at last was soe disabled that hee coüld not gett off, but then like a very knowing seaman hee chopt to an anchor, which presently brought us to the leeward of him, and the tide soe strong that a fireship could not come neer, and one that attempted to get up was assailed by another fireship from the enemy, and soe both burnt. At this time alsoe about 3 or 4 of the clocke the van of their fleet began to give ground and presently their whole fleet but 34 or 35 sayle ran for it and were pursued by the Red and White squadrons, the reere of their fleet, in which were Evertse and Tromp, still engaging the Blew. At seven this night the Royall James took Banker's ship a Vice Admirall of Zealand, and soon after one more of 66 guns, being both two of their new ships.

Thursday Aug. 5"1. — The last night the wind vered from N. N. E. round Westward to the S.W., soe that at 4 in the morning they had the wind of us, but the wind soe little that wee could not gett up with them, however the little Fang Fang a little sloope made the last week for Prince Rupert at Harwich, made up with her oares to de Ruyter, and brought her two little guns on one side, and for neeran houre continued plying broadside and broadside, which was soe pleasant a sight, when noe ship of either side could come neer, there was soe little wind, that all ours feil- into a laughter and I believe the Dutch into indignation to see their Admirall soe chased, for hee still shot his sterne guns to the poor Fang Fang who came off with two or three shot between wind and water, and had one of her men killed by de Ruyter before as shee ley behind the Royall Charles, which put her upon this extraordinary chase to- be reveng'd. Our fleet now drove them over many flats and bankes, till they came soe neer to shoare, that our great ships could not follow them, but at 10 of the clocke we layed our heads off, though our frigates still continued chase, but doe what they could the Dutch gott into the Darlow Channel of Zee-