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clock this afternoon the wind favors them to steale into the Weylings whither the former part of their fleet is also gone.

Sir Jeremy Smith joyned with ns at 4 of the clocke this afternoone and our fleet intends to ley before the Texel 12 leagues distance and keep the seas if they can be supplied speedily with such necessaries as they now want, lists of which I have brought for the Eing and Duke, and have commands from the Oenerals to presse your Lordshipp to be assistant to them for the dispatching of the particulars. I doe not heare of any Captain killed on our side but Seymour commander of the Foresight who behaved himselfe aa any man. Wee burnt the two ships taken by Sir Thomas Allen because wee were still upon the chase and should have unman'd our owne ship to carry them on. The name of Vice-Admirall Banker's ship was the TJwlen of 60 guns and 290 men, of which 124 were landmen, and they confesse their whole fleet was forc'd throwout to take soe great a proporcion of landmen for want of mariners; there was kill'd of this ships company 50 outright and 50 wounded, by which alsoe wee may guesse at their losse of men in their other ships. Banker himselfe made his escape in a boate, but wee have prisoner the Captain of a foot Company that was on board him, Adolph van Wassenhove, and 2 sea Captains that were under him, Symon Lanckes and Peter Mauregnault. The other ship is called the SneeJce of East Prise out of which wee have prisoner Richard Hellbrance the Captain and 300 men more, shee had 66 guns and led the van in the morning Wednesday.

One thing is observable, that their number was just 90 men of war and 17 fireships as all their prisoners confesse, which was direct our number takeing the little Mary a sixth rate frigate that was with us.

They farther say, the common men among them were made very confident of a victory by having stories told them that most of our fleet were hired merchentmen and very ill mann'd, and they did verily believe that wee had lost the last engagement at least 35 or 36 great ships. Upon the chase Thursday morning de Ruyters flag was downe above an houre, and it is believed through our whole fleet that hee is kill'd; the Blew squadron say as much of Tromp. Tour Lordshipp must expect the truth of this and other their losses from thence. I hope it will make disturbance among them.


According to my promise I here send you an account of this last engagement which began about 9 in the morning, the last Wednesday,

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