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bring the 401 instant. Our squadron leadinge the van began the dispute with theirs; the Generalis with the main body; the Blue with the reare. The fight continued nigh 5 howers before there was any appearance of advantage on either side; but about 3 in the afternoone victory appeared for* us, for then they began to runn and wee in chaseing of them tooke two, the Generalis sunke as many. Those wee tooke were new shipps, one of 66 guns, the other of 60, whereof 26 was brass; Banker Commander, Vice Admirall of Zeiand. Hee made his escape aboard another shipp, however as soone as wee had taken out the prisoners I ordered them to bee fired beeing not in a condition to spare men to man them, which done wee continued our chase all night, the Blue being parted from us with some 35 of theirs. The morning about 4 bearing up to de Ruyter I received three painefuil, but thanke God not dangerous wounds by some splinters, which I am afraid are nott all out of my arme, my face being torne downe from my eare almost to my chinn; yet doe not question but I shall notwithstanding, lett them bee ready as soone as they will, bee able to express my willingnesse of serveing my Prince and country as if I had ayled nothing. However this is my comfort wee left them even at their owne doores of the Willings, goeing into Flushing where pray imagine what welcome the vulgar sort of people will give them, for they must necessarily have lost many men, most of their shipps being mueh disabled; there was a report that wee had lost the Defiance, but it proves the Resolution, which was burnt. This morning wee endeavour'd to gett between the 35 sayle I formerly mentioned, but could not, they haveing the weather gage of us. What the admirall of the Blew hath don you shall know by the next with what else shalbee wortleyyour notice.


In denen beyden jüngst vorhergehenden tagen hat man wegen der flotten entfernung (ausser den knall der Stüke) nichts gewissers gehabt, alss dass beyde Capitalflotten den 3*611 hujus von ihren Stationen alss Baye de North, Gunfleet, Rowlinggrounds und Middlegrounds zu see gegangen, frontirend beyde einander in forme von einer Linie in der distance von etlich Englischen meilen. Die Englische verfolgten die Hollander biss auff 12 en 14 Teutscher meile weges in die offne See, und brachte selbige ungefehr bey der höhe von Orfordnesse zum Standt und zu der Battaille. Was biss gestern den 5ten hujus umb 9 uhr bey vorgegangen,. rapportirte heüt umb den mittag ein Englischer Capitaine, der mit seiner unterhabenden fregatte die

1) R. St.., Anglica. — Uit Londen.