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278. „THE VICTORY over the fleet of the States General, obtained by His Majesties Navy Royal in the late Engagement, begun the 4**1 of August instant, as it came from His Highness Prince Rupert, and His Grace the Duke of Albemarle. Published by Command. Londen, Printed by Thomas Newcomb living over against Baynard's Castle in Thames Street, 1666" l).

Sunday lst instant, not without difficulty, we got the fleet through the Narrow: about six in the evening we came to an Anchor short of the Buoy in the Gunfleet, within six leagues of the enemy, who came to an Anchor off tbe Sledway.

Monday 2. — Both fleets weighed, and plyed to and again with little wind, and that night proved very terapestuous.

Tuesday 3. — It blew hard, and we were forced to keep to an Anchor till about two in the Afternoon, and then stood off to the Eastward, and anchored about eight leagues from the Nesse.

Wednesday 4. — By two in the morning we weighed Anchor, and by daylight we had the enemy under our lee. Sir Thomas Allen led the Van to the Eastward, with our larboard tacks aboard, the wind North-East, and as soon as he came to the head of the enemies fleet, which was at ten of the clock, we gave the signal to bear in in a line, ourselves with the Red Squadron in the middle, and Sir Jeremy Smith with the Blew, beinging up the rear. We plyed them so close, that they could not tack upon us; and so we continued fighting till about four in the afternoon, and then de Ruyter with the main Body of his fleet gave ground, whom we pursued with the Red and White squadrons, leaving Sir Jeremy Smith with the Blew squadron engaged with van Tromp and a squadron of their fleet. All night we followed the enemy, and again next morning as soon as it was light we began the chace, and were in great hopes of taking de Ruyter; but tbe wind being little, he spoomed away before it, so that our smaller fregats could hardly get up with him. And by ten a'clock,

Thursday morning, we had pursued them as far as the Durlow, which was about eighteen leagnes, and there he lay till about two in the afternoon; which time we were so near the banks of sand, that we could not make the chace any farther, and de Ruyter and those with him had opportunity to run into that place.

In this chace we possessed us of two of the enemies great ships, the one a vice Admiral of 60 guns, 24 of them brass, and 290 men, commanded by Adrian Bankaert. The other the Snake of Haerlem, of 66 guns, 320 men, commanded by Ruart Hellibrant, both which we set on fire, on being willing to spare any men to bring them off, after we had taken all their men out of them. As soon as we gave

i) R. O., S. P. Dom., vol. CLXV, n°. 7. — Gedrukt.