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Island of Schelling, which the morning proveing moderate weather, he accordingly prosecuted, landing by the help of his long Boats, eieren companies on shore, wher he discovered onely some few scattering fellows, but met with little or no opposition. Leaving therfore one company to secure his Boats, himself with ten companies marched up three miles to the capital town called Brandaris, a very fair town or dorp of above 1000 houses; wher keeping five companies upon the skirt8 of the town to prevent any surprise of the enemy, he sent the other five to fire and burn the town, but finding them (as his vigilance was to sceure a safe retreat) somewhat slow to execute that order, and fearing they might be tempted to forget themselves in the pillage, he himself was forced to set fire to some houses on the windward, the sooner to perfect the work, and hasten his men away; which burnt with the violence, that in half an houres time, the most part of the town was in a flame. The town was reported by those that were found in it, to have been very rich, and so it appeared by some of the soldiers pockets; but very few people were to be seen in it, haveing had time to runn away from the danger, except some old men and women, who were used with all gentleness and humanity.

The remaining villages of that Island, which are two or three, had certainly run the same fortune, but considering it wns near high water, Sir Robert Holmes thought it not fiitt to lose that opportunity of getting off to sea, which he thought more considerable then to stay 24 hours for the destruction of them, remembring likewise that the channells between the buoys were very narrow, and not bold without a frank wind. By high water he gott off all his men, and set sail out of that place, retaining still his first intentions, of falling upon the Vlie; but as he was goeing on board, he received orders from the Generals to return to the fleet with all speed, which accordingly he did that evening, being the 20tn of August, leaving behind him the marks of a singular conduct and most vigorous execution, and bringing off besides a considerable booty to the private soldiers and seamen, the States pleasure boat of twelve guns, without other loss then of six men killed, and about as many wounded *).

298. WICQUEFORT AAN LIONNE, 19 Aug. 1666*).

M. le conseiller pensionnaire revint icy sabmedy matin, et eut le mesme jour urne grande conference avec M. 1'ambassadeur, au sujet

1) Aanteekening in dorso: „The 11th September the fier began in London and held 4 dayes, burning the who citty withiu the walls and as much contayne to it".

2) A. E. Hollande 80, ff. 382—384. — Uit den Haag.