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you an account of the wast of provisions in the preceding engagement and the state of our victualls at our going out of the river. You are a person so very punctuall yourself that you deserve to be very punctually dealt withall, and I having somewhat fayled herein doe make no apologys but correct my errour as well as I can and as soone that I may not loose any part of the favourable opinion you have been pleased to expresse towards me.

The papers which come along with this will shew you what provisions were wasted iu the preceding engagement and the state of our provisions the 22tn of July last, which I hope will enlighten you in those things somewhat to your satisfaction. Before I obey your other command concerning the numbers of men in the fleet I must enquire if you intend the present number, or if you enquire how it held before the engagement, and to those perticulars I am not yet furnished to give you satisfaction, but I have already sent to the flaggs to enquire for the supernumerarys which are borne upon every ship, which perhaps will doe something towards your satisfaction. And if it be desirable to you to know how many men came to our recruit after the first engagement I have a paper before me which enables me to give you an account thereof. I find the number of those to be in alle 3427. But some of those were put on shoare againe as unfitt for service.

Sir if I have in any of these endeavours ministered anythiug to your satisfaction, I shall be very glad, but if I have not teil me in your next the particular thing you would have me doe : I will punctually observe your command, and shall count you doe me a particular obligacion when you put me in the way how to doe that which will be most satisfactory to yourself and the rest of those your wortby brethren upon whose shoulders the great care of the fleet lyes.

God be thanked we are at present in a tollerable good condicion; all our victualling ships are well arrived with us and we have 84 good men of warre here and there are 11 or 12 more that I doe account will in few dayes be added to our number. Our great want will be fyreships of which I could wish there were hopes of a greater number then I find there is1). If we had but a competent number ot these we should not be long from the ennemys coast.


Je me trouve obligé de partir pour la Hollande et vous advise devant 1'estat des affaires par deca. Je croy fermement que la flotte

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