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wfay those accounts' were sent, in the first place give me leave to say, that among others, they were these.

That it might bee examined, that the severall shipps had indeed brought those supplyes, which heer were affirmed by the victualler to be laden upon them.

That it being she wed to your Highness and your Grace what.provision had bin sent, it might bee examined, whether they were equally distributed, and thereby to try (by remedyeing the inequallity if any were) to help to the supply.

To shew to your Highness and Grace that according to any ground of computation wee had to goe upon, His Majesties officers heer had not been negligent to give a supply.

To this last point give me leave to putt you in mind that there hath never, untill your Highness and Grace's account of the victualling made the lst instant (which arrived not heer till Sunday last after dinner) been any demand made our any account stated sent us, which shewed what was wanting, but your demands alwayes were to send victuals for the fleet to compleat till such a time which it was not possible for any here to compute any other way then by the complements of the shipps from the time they entred into sea victualls, and in reguard the fleet had supernumeraryes, you were pleased to command that a weekes provision for the whole complements should bee putt on board to supply for the victuallung of them. This being, as Mr. Pepys (who is the properest officer for that businesse) affiirmes, exactly obeyed, I thought it the best returne, and which would give the fullest satisfaction that I had not been negligent, to returne his account of it, beyond which it was impossibie for me to goe in the matter. If either the commanders have more supernumeraryes then they will owne to have, or that the computation of a weekes victualls for their supply have not been well founded, but mistaken by those, whom your Highness and Grace have intrusted with the care of computeing it, the fault, I humbly think, ought not to bee charged either on Mr. Pepys or myself.

There remaines one point which I have not mentioned, which is the wast by staveing cask, by leakage and stinking beere. As to that of staveing caske in the time of fight to make roome for wounded men's dressing, which I heard was done in the fleet in the first engagement this yeare, I did in my lettre of June 23tn humbly desire it might bee examined and sent up under the Gaptains hands not onely to prevent the pursers cheateing, but also for computeing the supplyes unlesse you please wee shall take it for graunted, that none. were so lost, those are the very words of my lettre of that date, which I added because I had not the advertisement of the staveing of cask from so good authority as your Highness and Grace, but from the news of