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the Towne, of which lettre haveing taken the liberty to remind you, give me leave to say, that to myselfe there never came any camputation, much lesse account of that wast, and Mr. Pepys assures me, that what hee hath had from Mr. Hayes beares date August 29tb which therefore coüld bee no guide in computeing the supplyes demanded. For leakage of beer there hath never been any computation of it, and it beeing kuowne to Mr. Pepys to bee one of the usuall pretences for the Pursers cheate in every yeares action, Mr. Pepys thought it no improper answer to the generall hint of it, to say, that the Pursers (hee suspected) were in the wrong in that matter, for that hee could charge most of them with Iron hoopes sufficiënt for the ground tyre under their owne hands; for the other head of stinking beere I have heard very little complaint of it before, and never saw any computation how much might prove unserviceable upon that account.

All this I beseech your Highness and Grace to interprett to bee onely said to shew that wee had no ground upon which to compute a further supply then what was sent, and yet neverthelesse upon your Higbness and Graces continueing to demand more Victualls (particularly Beere) you will find upon review of my lettre of the 31th August that order was given to send away what beere could bee had, which haveing no computation or demand of any number of Tunns was the best and most satisfactory order that wee could give, and this give me leave to observe was done in obedience to your former lettres before the state of the victualling was made in the fleet, which was dated the l8t instant and arrived the 5tn.

This is humbly offer'd to that businesse before the arriveall of the state of the victualling of the shipps, and whilest there was nothing which shew'd us what quantity your Highness and Grace would have, for the' truth of which I humbly appeale to all the lettres I have ever had the honor to receive from you. If Mr. Pepys or any other have had any, I humbly hope I shall not bee held concerned in the neglect of what never came to my knowledge.

After the receipt of the state of victualling made in the fleet the l8t instant his Royal Highness's lettre gives your Highness and Grace an account that it was read to the Principall Officers and in His Majesties presence giveu to Mr. Pepys to procèed upon for the ships supply, so that so soone as this first computation of your wants arrived, it immediately became our guide for your supply.

As to the supply of fireships I have formerly given your Highness and Grace an account, where the stopp of that matter was, viz. want of money. H. M. hath lately enabled us to provide six more, which will iu all make 11 from hence, besides what remained of the old stock and what your Highness and Grace have made ont of prizes. I wish your Highuess and Grace had been pleased to say how manymore you desire.