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I must acknowledge myselfe uuable to speake to one part of your Highness and Graces complaint which is concerneing the false gage of the caske; it is a particular somewhat out of my sphere, and of which I hare not yet informed myselfe fully, but I conjecture that the canns by which the seamen hare their drink deliver'd are under measure in proportion; if so, it makes no difference in the computation of the time the victuals will last.

I am assür'd att the victualling office, that since the lst instant (the time your'state of victualling was made) there hath arrived att the fleet, or is now on its way thither 1590 tuns of beer, -that there is now shipping off here 400 tuns as fast as the victualls can bee emptyed to receive it, that in 4 dayes there wilbee ready 300 tuns more, att Dover 100, att Ipswich 150; that since the 28tn August 768 tuns of water hare been sent to the fleet.


Enclosed I send you a bundie of papers *) which were brought from Prince Rupert and the Generall by Collonel Legge and by him given to mee; I suppose you may make some use of them; I cannot. Pray keepe them safe and distinct from other papers, that wee may resort to them upon occasion.

I hope you remember that the fleet is to be victualled untill the gth 0f November according to the computation of their present stores of victuall sent by Prince and Generall 1". instantl I long to see your computation grounded upon that, and to see how farre wee shall fall short of beere. Pray lett us bee sure they want not dry provisions, for théy say some ships have not of them to 13tn of October.

320. DE BEAUFORT AAN COLBERT, 9 Sept. 1666 8).

J'ay trouvé des longueurs icy plus grandes de beaucoup que je ne croyois a faire de 1'eaue et transporter tout de la Charante a nos rades, le vent et la marée estant maistres de ces choses. Nean moins je mets a la voile presentement et m'en vas droit a Brest. Le vent est bon pour M. Du Quesne. Je veux esperer que nous 1'y trouverons, ou qu'il y sera bientost. C'est la chose du monde que je souhaite le plus presentement, et ensuite la jonction des Hollandois. Je vous demande par grace des pilotes costiers, et de les faire prendre depuis Dunkerke jusques a Abbeville. Cela est de la plus grande importance du monde,

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