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hath gone abroad. I desire the officers of the Ordnance may be sent to, forthwith to gett the gunns and the carriages ready, which they'1 be ready to receive.

The 28 piuuaces, are in hand, for which I desire you'1 remember oares. The chayne also is goeing on, for the well doeing of which I have sett the Master of Attendance and Master Shippwright often to survey it.


Gentlemen, haveing lately directed that thesafety of His Ma.4" ships in the River of Med way should be taken into consideratiou upon the place, by some persons sent downe to that purpose, upon the report which they have since made, I desire you to give order that the Ünity may have 20 seamen added to the 40 already allowed, and that besides the Dolphin fireship already about Sheerness, one other of the first ready (except those appointed for the West Indies) may be sent thither, and two other lye within the Chayne at Chatham to be ready for any occasion; that the ünity, Dolphin fireship, and the two ketches now attending there, may be forthwith cleaned; that each ship and ketches may have sheerehookes, grapuells aud chaines furnis•hed them with each a 'good pinnace with ten oares with a small grapnell and chaine. This is what I have at present to direct you for Sheereness. As for the upper part of the River of Medway, I desire you to take care that all His Ma.to ships may be moored in the safest places you can, especially the first and second rate ships, and that bebèsides the compleateing the chaine, for their farther security the ships Charles the Fifth- and Mathias may by moored within the chaine, in such manner as that upon occasion they may bring their broadsides to beare upon the chaine, and that a competent number of seamen may bee allowed to be borne on them; that 30 good pinnaces well fitted with oares, grapnells and chaines may be provided in readines. I desire you to give order for the dischargeing the men from all other of his M.ts prize ships not already fitted and ordered to sea, and that for the better manning the fleet intended to the West Indies, the men discharged from them may be put on board such ships bound thither as shalbe found to want them. Amongst the ships whose men are to be discharged I reckon the Sophia, which I mencion perticulerly least her haveing been lately fitted for the sea might cause you to mistake; as on the other hand I would not have the Elias stopt, in regard I am informed she sayleth well and may be fitt for service abroad.

H. O., S. P. Dom. vol. CXCV, n°. 45. — Uit Whitehall.