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Royall Katherine Below the Docke . . . . J

St. George Against the Ropeyard . . [ Suncke.

Victory Against the Church . . . )




Unicorne > Against Chatham Towne


Heiverston ........ 1 \ Safe.

Golden Rutter

Henry Ashoare at Rochester bridge .1

Old James

Ti, fho fw„ n™w.


2 Pleasure Boates Through Bridge.

364. JOHN CONNY AAN WILLIAMSON, 24 Jnni 1667 »).

It bavinge beene my fortune for some time since to offer now and then a line, and not knowinge how your correspondence is made good here with us, I have taken this opportunity to acquaint you with the truth of this last five or six days transactions, viz. to lett you know that the enemy appearinge at the Nore on the 1901 stood up towards the Hope and the 20th in the morninge, fired 8 or 9 inconsiderable houses on Candia Island on Essex side, and stole a few shipps and then turned towards Sheerenesse the winde beinge easterly, which they suddenly assaulted, and in a dispute of about 2 houres made themselves masters of itt. Which when wee saw, wee endeavoured then by sinkinge shipps in the narrowest part of the River to blocke it up, but all was ineffectuall for our outward Guard beinge worsted at Sheerenesse and unable to resist theire force, could maintaine noe place good while they came to the Chaine. Which on the 2201 they havinge gott a considerable number of men of warre and fireshipps over our sunken Bottoms, assaulted, and allthough as manfully resisted as any men under the Sun could doe, yett was overpowered and all the Guards fired and destroyed, and the Chaine broke by theire number of shipps pressinge att itt, and then they made. themselves masters of the Royall Charles, who now is goeinge for Holland. Yesterday at about one of the clocke they sailed with 5 men of warre before Upner Castle, where they were as well received by Major Scott and Captain Winter, and as warmly handled as they could desire, but yett they lay batteringe, while five fireshipps came up by the men of warre, two of which attemptinge the fireing of the Royall Oake mist theire

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