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pour tascher d'empeschèr la paix avec 1'Espagne. Le duc de Beaufort avance avec 1'autre partie de la flotte dans la Manche. Les ambassadeurs de France et les deputés de cet Estat ont fait un accord a Breda touchant le salut des pavillons, et le rang que le commandeur de la Roche doit tenir dans les combats, et au conseil de guerre, dont on est fort satisfait icy; aussi bien que de 1'esperance, que les ministres de France comtnencent a donner, que si l'on demandé la restitution des isles de Tabago et de St. Eustache comme une faveur, et qu'on ne le veuille pas exiger comme une debte, en vertu du traitté de 1'an 1662, qui n'oblige pas le roy leur maistre a rendre ce qu'il prend sur 1'ennemy commun, l'on aura sujet de se louer de la maniere d'agir de Sa Majesté. II y a de 1'apparence que 1'affaire seroit desja faite, si M. d'Estrades estoit plus satisfait qu'il n'est des Estats de Zeelande, qui sont seuls intéressés en ces isles 1).


Sunday about noone I went downe to Gravesend in order to pay some of his Majesties shipps then in the Hope, 700b0 ffi eing sent downe for that purpose. That nigt we received intelligence that a fleete of Dutch nien of warr were come up as farr as Hole Haven, and the next morning we could number 28 sayle. I gave order that our shipps in the Hope should come up higher towards Gravesend, where I found the Towne in a greate distraction, carryeing theire Goods out of Towne, and all in a dispaireing condicion, soe that Sir John Griffith the Governor of the Castle could not gett in above 12 men though the mayor used his dilligence to effect it, but at three quarters flood on Monday the Dutch were under sayle, a fresh gale at E. N. E., and we expected them up, but after they had gott theire men againe on board who had bin ashore firing and robbing of houses and stealing of cattle, they turned downe with the ebb and stood away. That night my Lord Generall Monck came downe and on Tuesday morning went away by 4 of the Clock towards Rochester. On Monday seeing the combustion not thinking the mony safe where it was I sent it back to Deptford by Mr. Solomons and M'. Slaughter, and gave order by Harry Russell to come downe to me after he had spoake with the officers of the Navy to whome I gave accoinpt of what had past, from whome I had a verball answere that Commissioner Pett complayned that upon new emergencies he was not able to goe through

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2) Bodleian Library, Oxford. — Ms. Rawlinson A 195, fol. 159. — Uit Chatham.— In dorso: .,To his honored ffreinds the Principall Officers and Commissioners of his Majesties Navy." — Solomons en Slaughter zijn ambtenaren in dienst van den „paymaster of the Nayy".