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with the worke without helpe, and I was desired to goe downe, which I imediately did, and found I came out of one distraction into another, for the Dutch who left us went the same night to Sheerenesse where they tooke and fired our new begun worke and yard, and landed above 1000 men upon the Isle, and on Wednesday came up the river of Medway with thêire men of warr and fireships. Wee had a chaine and two guardships; as soone as I came I ridd downe to visite the chaine and I saw there had bin sunck two or three of our owne fireships. I was fearefull and soe was we all that if theire ships came on our chaine would faile, and if theire ships could passé our sunck shipps we should not be able to resist theire entrance at the chaine, and therefore concluded to bring downe 3 old ships more to sinck within the chaine, and that night upon the ebb we carryed two downe, but one by mischance was on ground; we sunck the two, and had we had the other we had don our buisnesse, for it would have filled up the middle gapp, by which they afterwards past. The Wednesday morning we were at the chayne againe and kept the boates by us which towed downe the shipps, to assist the taking up of hurt men, and to releive such as might escape from the fired shipps, and placed the boates soe under a point, that they might in security see the action and fitt themselves accordingly, and wee wayted by in a small Barge to observe the issue with my Lord Brouncker, myselfe and Commissioner Pett. The flood began to lift, and as we saw they had bin labouring upon the former ebb to cleare the passage of our suncke shipps, which they had don soe erly, that they had brought up divers fireships and men of warr through that opposition, and now the flood swelling the ünity, who was within before, sett sayle but wanting water was some time on ground, but as the flood came in she gott off and came directly to the starboard end of the Chayne, where she placed herselfe to the best advantage she could to annoy the Enemy, soe that we had her helpe besides the two guardshipps and two little redoubts ashore without the chayne a little, and soe placed that theire guns might all play together upon the Enemy, besides we had lined the chayne with two good eables to strengthen it, and then a bold single fireshipp makes the first assault, the men ot warr firing theire guns, and we the like, untill she had elapt aboard our man of warr without the chaine and then sprung quickly with herselfe and foure more, who soone made an end of the dispute, for all burned together, and those in the two little redoubts forced to retreate in the best order they could. This Wednesday thus spent we drew back; the Monmouth, who lay within the chayne, sett sayle after she had don what she could, and retired towards Chatham, the enemy employeing all the night to cleare the passage for theire further coming up the Ri ver, and soe well they had don it, that on Thursday morning1