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on the flood most of them were gott in where they found the Royal Charles without men fast moored which they seized on, and sett fire on the SJ Maria, which was one of the 3 that had bin on ground beformencioned, and now we began to fortifie a small peiee of ground at the lower end of the yard by the Mastdocky and wrought.'all night very hard to bring up earth to make covert for our men and fitting, places for our Ordnance to plye out, we made our platforme and placed 8 good guns, and within at the out corner by the Trayne we had planted 6 good guns more. The trayne of Artillery consisting of 10 good feild peices, were planted behind a little hedge belowe the yard on the deseent of the Hill, TJpner Castle was likewise tooke care off and better guns sent, the charge left to Major Scott with a company of foote and some gunners and seamen with him, all things being in the best order soe little time could effect. Things being thus ordered my Lord Generall being visiting all Posts and encourageing every man by his owne example to be doing, at halfe flood we saw the Dutch who came up betweene TJpner Castle and the midst of Cockaram wood, where they anchored till the flood increasing they weighed, two men of warr the one drawing neerer to üpner, the other somewhat asterne, and theire second in the reare of them, and then two fireships past TJpner Castle, on which the man of warr plyed his cannon and the Castle at him. The fireships eame in betweene the Rogal Oakc and London fired themselves without any great hürt to ours, and heere had we had boates and men both ships had escaped that time, but the enemy presently sends downe two other fireships, which quickly did the worke notwithstanding all our shooting from the poynt of the yard, TJpner Castle and the Trayne, and though we galled theire mén of warr who durst approach noe nigher, yet they sent downe another fireshipp, which burnt the Royall James, both we and they perpetualty firing at one another untill the ebb was made, and then they turned downe the wind at E. N. E. In all this action we had not the appearence of 20 men together belonging to the yard, but were forced to make use of the souldiers to carry plankes and timber to helpe on our workes, where I observed the readinesse of the companies which came from London, as well as others of this Country, good houshoulders carry greate burdens of planke and timber with much alacrity, all our boates were employed to carry goods up as farr as Maidstone and other remote places, which was the ruine of our businesse, for by that meanes, we lost not only the use of our boates, but our men. I shall give noe farther accompt at present, but after my farther inspection into the the matter, which I am about, I shalbe able perhapps to finde out the check.

I pray let this be shewed to Sir William Coventrie to whome I had not leysuer to wright, having noebody to assist me.