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of the enemy atemted this port, and landed about 3000 men as we guess, on Suffolke syde with ther shallops and boates, who marched up bouldiy to Lanker fort with ther scaleing laders, but could doe nothing as they intended. They killd us there only 1 man, a soldier, and wounded 4; they were beaten off to our honour and I beheld them run, leaving ther laders behynd. Their los is uncertaine, haveing of their selves caryed away severall ded and left sum behynd, but the dispute continewing till sunsett can give no certayn account. Their is of them about 2000 still on shore in the marshes, and we are now sending 500 men over to joyne with the traynd bands to fall upon them this night befor flood. Pray lett my wyfe know by a messenger I am well. The post tary; we expect more action in the morning.

My implyment this day is to vitle our land forses.

376. DEANE AAN PEPYS, 13 Juli 1667, „aboute 7 a clocke in the morning"

Yesterday in the affternoone the Dutch ffleet landed aboute 2 mille ffrom Langard ffort aboute 3000 men and at the same time 9 ships came neare to the ffort and smartly played at the ffort, the ffort spent littell more powder then to anoy them, ffor they lay round it, and affter an howers dispute with the ships the Dutch army boulldly came to the forte walls in ffavor of the sea banke, and one theire appearance the ffort gave them a warme intertainment which caused them to retreate to the place they landed at, and left behind them 20 laders and many armes. One part of the Dutch had made good a way downe to the ffort but affter some time with the losse of aboute 12 of our men they put them allso to the boates and there in a boddy they continued till darke, and in the night wee got over ffrom hence 500 men and if they had stayed they had bin by this eertainely well beaten, but now they have accquited the land and theire ships ffallen downe to Oasly bay. The ffier ships of this place was the onely cause they dare bring theire ships noe ffurther in, yet the winds so ffavor them that not one of ours could get to windward of them. The harme done at ffort one man killd three wounded with the governer whose wound we hope of littell harme; the Dutch aboute the ffort 8 dead and wounded unknowne; its thought they got away the dead along with them, ffor it was a very smart dispute, and many shot ffiered. The millitia have taken som, but as yet we kwow not the number nor what they killd, so that now our men have got ground and turned them; they are well pleased. What they will ffurther do, wee know not, but its

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