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my intrest and duty to attend Sir William Penn to pass my accounts.

The Spye went henee on Tuesday morninge ass decoy to 2 Sweads laden with timber and deales for London, with orders allso to goe to Sheerness for intilligence, and to returne againe this morninge: the captain tells me he findes the coast cleer of the ennemy, and that this day our men begin againe to rebuilde our fort there. About the hour of 11 this day I attended commissioner Taylor up the Beacon hill where I coulde see aboute 14 sayle of the ennemy on the backesyde of the West Rocks. There may be a greater number, the weather beinge hazy. There is not any now to be seen to the Norward. The West syde of this towne is now allso a fortefying, every mans yarde beinge a saifegard to himselfe and towne, the remainder of our guns beinge this day sent for to be planted ashoar.

882. DEANE AAN PEPYS, 21 Juli 1667 i).

The shortenes of time this post, and the length of this inclosed gives me the belivefe you will not understand what you desire ffor on my perusall of it I ffind it is not whoully sett in order as it ought, yet considering your honers desireing rather the truth and matter of any thing more then the goodnes of its wrighting and forme, hare let it slipp my hand as it is, being the whoulle scoope of the busnes then acted, and if this be shorte in any thing you desire to be more pertickelly sattisfied in, I humbly pray a line by the next and my trew inddeaver shall be used to informé your honer touching each point, and lett me add this allso itt is the ffierships this boute hath preserved us and nothing ellse hindered the Dutch coming in to this place, ffor all other things could not have prevented, though ships weare sunke and 5 more ordered, yett they coulld nota quarter stop the channell, and that they knew so well as oursellves.


„a nabratjve of the late transaction of the Dutch and us, July the 1201, 1667".

July the 1001 being Sunday the Dutch fieet being about 45 saille of men of war and 20 hoys and tendors came downe the Swin and came tó an ancker at the bouy of the Gunffleet.

July the ll01 the whole ffleet waighed and sett saille to the norward being little wind at S. E. they came to an ancker about the Whiteing sand beffowre the fflood was don, one the ebb thay went downe about Goulle and Allborowh.

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