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halfe, and no ffiership of ours could got neare them being all to leaward; 80 soon as de Rutter see the ship on grownd he ffired a gunnand called a councell of warr and altered the designe and sent his owne boate away with a white antient, and ordered the reareadmerall that he should not veuture in but eom to an ancker with his ships and ply the fforte to effect the desingne of storming the fforte, and how I come to know this I spoke with a Sweed which was on board de Ruther at the same time and he says the leffetenant of de Rutter tould him soe, which is certaindy so by all the curcumstances before mentioned, but I am glad of the allteration of theire designe, ffor had they come in and bin masters of the river they would have pusshed hard ffor the fforte especially if theire foot bad come over the bancke and got into the trenches with granarders would have soone put our men from tbe brickwall which is all the strength of that place, and bettween your honer and myselfe they could not have missed it, the fforce within the forte weare all but 2 companys, green men of the mellitia, and of them you may guess at, and some parte of the Dutch's feare of coming in was our fierships which hath at this time preserved us, for our guns they rallue not yett: wee have now on Harwich mounted 80 and at the forte 62, which with sum defncullty of the harbour and ffeare of our ffiershipps might through good corridge and conduct put a great stop to theire insolency, and if they had ventured in and we had hap to disable some of them, and our ffierships got one board them it would have been hard if most of them had escaped us, but all this whille I am speakeing of this I allso speake of corridge and willingnes which is so lost in most men I am allmost ashamed to speak of it, but soe it is and it is certaindy for want of re ward, for on my life beleave it without vanity I may speake it had our men ffailled us at this time which they have bin most active in, wee had bin in a bad condition, for we cannot carry so much as boate with men or horss but wee must doe it, and that all that have bin heare have seen, and I thinke will say so, but would wee could be yett more serviceable. Its my désire while I have breath.

Now for the retreate why soe soone, you have heard my reason which I am sure houllds good, and it was not as simple people imaigine that our Spie or the gallioate boy who shott about 8 shote and them att ramdum which maid the ffoot to retreate, for they killd not one man with great shot; noe, it was the millitia whose collers displayed one Phillstow Clifte neare wheare they landed, and not knowing but that the whoulle millitia was come they theirefore retreated, seeing theire gaurd and onr millitia ffier at each other one the hill, which made them all draw from the fforte about 5 a clocke and theire drew into the bottom and theire drew into battallia and stood whille darke night, ffor I veryly beleave they dare not take to