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theire boates for feare of our hors would breake in amongst them, but they need not have feared that for on discours with Sir Phillip Parker tould me under the rose that the hors would have the ffoot goe on and the foot weare all disordered the horse went not, which I dare say is trew, yett to the Duke they make apolligies if they could have gstt downe the hill they would have don it, and to see whether it be soe the Duke himselfe hath veiwed every place and found ways if they would have gon and they must needs know the country so well as himselfe, but littell the Duke says to it whatever hethinkes; however the millitia hors is discharged and the new troops come and some ould, I thinke about 5 troupes; the millitia foot some gon home, the number yet I know not; 4 companys in the forte is to continue with 40 hors.

I should have allsoe tould you seeing the Dutch did not goe of the shore untill towards night, I did perswad my Lord of Oxford to send over from hence 500 men which we did the night to fall on the enimy with the malitia, but ere we got over in a boddy the Dutch departed, and thus the fight ended with about the loss in my former, yett the Sweed did relait that they lost 33 men out of de Rutters ship for they carried of sum of their dead ones; [the Sweed] telles us who they tooke on the clifte before our army came *), maid them show them the wayes and teil them the strength of the contrey, which they did not beleave to be soe great.

Dolman 'and other English tould this man if they found him in a lye they would kill him, but in the night he got away. This man saw them carry away a brave officer which he saith is an Englishman, and more then this I cannot at present remember.

The Dutch fleet still continue in sight heare about, but we doe not discover above 30 saille.

383. WICQUEFORT AAN FREDERIK TH, 23 Juli 1667 *).

Depuis 1'attaque du fort de Harwitz, la flotte est retournée a 1'emboucheure de la Tamise, et la M. de Ruyter s'en est destaché avec une escadre pour aller exécuter encore un dessein, dont l'on ne parle pas bien positivement, mais l'on croit que c'est pour aller ruiner quelques vaisseaux qui sont a Portsmouth, ou pour aller audevant de Smith, qui les devoit joindre avec 1'escadre qu'il commande. M. de Guent continue sa route vers le Nort, a dessein d'aller audevant des vaisseaux que l'on attend des Indes orientales, au nombre de 17, qui apporteront pour plus de 20 millions de marchandises, qui est bien le

1) Vgl. het slot van rA 379.

2) R. K. — R. H. — Uit den Haag.