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transaetions in thia river from a more polite and distinguisbin# penn tben mine, but since you are pleased to desire the sight of such a rough draught as my rude hand can delineate, and itt being my fortune to bee a neare eye witnesse of the enemies first arrivall within our Buoyes, and the whole following action, I will adventure as suecinctly as I can to imparte to you what remarkable passadges I observed. Sunday the 1901 of June, aboute noone, I waited on Sir Edward Spragge to Shiernesse, where wee embarked on bord the Henrietia yacht, and stood immediately to sea, tbe winde easterly. Soone after being about 4 a clock to the eastward of the Black Tayle, wee descried from our topmast head a fleete of ships, with whom wee stood a glasse and a halfe, till wee plainely made nigh 30 saile, amongst them three flaggs, and attending on them, suudry galliotts and scutes. By this time wee joyned our owne two ketches that had bene upon the scout, who could but confirme to us, what wee plainly saw.. Wee immediately bore up for Shiernesse, where Sir Edward Spragge staid that night, giving bia order to the guardship, fireships etc. But sent mee presently up the river, to order the Monmouth to weigh (who rid then betwene Ocam Nesse and Bishops Nesse) and gett within the chaine; he wrott to my Lord Middleton *) and requested the sending downe my Lord Douglas his whole regiment to him (as I best remember) most part of which were that night before high water embarked, but afterwards commanded again ashore, so that of that regiment wee had the next day one compagny only with us, which by immediate order from Sir Edward Spragge came to us from Sittenbourne, who was pleased to recomend to my care, the bringing downe 100 seamen from the Mommbufh (when within the chaine), to stand by our guns on the shore, and to allarum our Guardships, the well-inanning which and the ordering the boats, Commissioner Pett with the assistanee of all the rest of the officers of the yard undertoöke. Att midnight I went on bord the Mommouth then att Gillingham, and imparted my order to Captain Clarke for 100 men, who consulting his officers att length complied therewith, and I saw them shipt into bis longboate, to be putt on bord a dogger and a hoy, which I had got ready there for theire transportation, and with them theire Lieftenant John Kfrké a very forward good man, but as iff all things had concur'd to make us unhappy, the masters of the dogger and hoy in the night ran both their vessells on ground, where maugré the Lieftenant the greatest part of those men gott ashore, and 44 only were brought downe to us to Shiernesse. Going from the Mommouth, I called on board the Matthias and Charles the 5,h, who had then att least 100 ropemakers on bord

1) Lord Lieutenant of Kent.