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them, besides theire owne companyes. To tronble you noe farther with what passed above, by breake of day I gott downe to Sir Edward; the enemy to amuse us stood up the river of Thames the evening, leaving only one man of warr, a fireship and a galliot hoy to secure the buoy of the Nore. In the morning early Sir Edward sent tbe Dolphin a fireship of ours and our two ketches to endeavour the sinking the Buoy, which in spight of theire man of warre, our people effected, and our fireship obliedged theire man of warre to flyeforitt up the other River, who doubtlesse went to acquaint his friendsthat the Buoy was sunke, and that they were noe longer to looke out for that marke. To teil you how totally unprovided wee were at Shiernesse for the receptiën of such an enemy, and how uncapable longe to resist him, were butt lost labour woffull experience hath proclaimed the tragieall effects of the neglect of that plaee, and I am sure whatever afterwards befell us may justly be imputed to that omission; had I the honour to see you, I eould acquaint you particnlarly with those things, which are too various and troublesome to be inserted here. That morning the people from the oposite Island ridd to the shore and weaved to us, wee sent to them, and they enformed us, that some stragling inconsiderable number of the enemy were landed, and they requested some assistance. 8ir Edward drawes out 26 musquetiers out of the Scotch Company wee had with us, and under the conduct of his owne kinsman, well aquainted in that Island, and theire ensigne he sent them over, who not returning as wee expected, were wanted with us ere the sun sett. In the afternoone came to us a company of the trainebands, under the command of Major Hughison, upon whose courage and his mens resolution, 1 shall undertake to make noe comment. The last quarter ebbe the enemy plyes downe the other river, where he wrought seamanlike with the danger visibly before him, and rf he came on ground, a whole aproachfng tide to lift him. Being gott about the East End of the Nore, his headmost ships stood with us, and ahead of them af galliott hoy sounding as wee suppose, who came no sooner within shott of us, then wee obliedged him to a speady retreate, nor did the foremost man of war though a great ship care much for aproaching us, after wee had placed a shott or two in him; thus wee began with them much about 5 in the evening, when their admirall now having gott the length of the Buoy, hove out his bloody flagg att foretopmast head, when immediately a ship of theirs (the same that afterwards boarded the Uniey att the chaine) came boguing upon us, and att her sterne a fireship. By the way be pleased to take notice that att Shiernesse wee had 16 gunns, which stood as much exposed to the injury of the enemies shott, when once the tide lifted, as is imaginable, and with 9 of these 16 wee were never able to make but W shott, our whole strength not being eapable to mount one of