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these gunns, whose trucks and carriadges were att theire first reversè buried in the beach, seven though upon loose planke we plied and doe assure you, wee soe well entertain'd that bold fellow, thatt till his consorts pressed too numerously and powerfully upon us, wee had silenced him, hee never made shott att us, till he brought his ship to an anchor, when for a while he closely followed his businesse, his fireship burnt, and drove into the harbour cleare of the Uniiy, who notwithstanding having passed one broadside into the man of warr, made (I feare) too much bast to cutt, and 3tand up the river, in imitation of whom the fireships which to my knowledge had strict commands to ride fast, gott all under saile, one only forced, whom if he had ridd, theire fireship had driven aboard him. Give mee leave to make a little digression which is only to request you to beleeve me tender of every mans reputation and I hope none will suffer for my relation (if they be not otherwise informed against). When the enemy first attacked us, through he bestowed his shott freely amongst us, itt was to little purpose, for itt being but then very young flood, he could not so lay his gunns to passé, butt that his shott flew over us, whilst wee had good oportunity, had wee bene provided accordingly, to have galled him, which wee did in the best manner wee could, butt the tide lifting and ship after ship crowding fast upon us, and after one man being killed outright, and anothers thigh shott of, who cryed out for a surgeon, and was carryed off the plattforme, whether word was brought that there was none upon the place, our few seamen (as everybody else had done before 1), forsooke us, leaving butt seven of us upon the place, who stayed to see two of our seven gunns dismounted and theire carriadges shattred to pieces by the enemies shott, when not being able to make any longer resistance, and having notice that a considerable number of the enemy were landed att a miles distance from us, wee were alsoe forced to quitt that unhappy post; where give me leave to assure you, that Captain Pyne, Captain Annesly and Lieftenant Kirke did in all respects behave themselves as knowing men, and good officers, and truly had the strength of the place bene. in any measure proportionable to the resolution of the commander in chiefe, the officers and seamen that were upon itt, and wee had bene provided of a force to have opposed theire landing or made good our (pretended) fort, the Kings ships in Chatham had bene safe, and the losse and dishonour that hath fallen upon us prevented, and pardon my passion if I say, tbe ommission there hath betrayd the Kinge and Kingdome to this inconvenience. Itt is nott unknowne to mee that some unworthy persons have scandalized Sir Edward Spragge by saying he deserted the place before others did; I owne that when the Unity and fireships. stood up the river, itt putt him into some passion to see himselfe and us soe forsaken by them, and wee requested