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employing ourselfes, having when onr people were att worke in the morning sent two small fregatts to observe there action) the remaining fireships, two ketches and a dogger were putt to the botome, and I verily beleeve the adversary had never gott through, had wee bene provided of one or more considerable batterys to have protected our worke. Butt such was our rashnesse, and soe great the infatuation then amongst us, that wee considered not how easy itt would be for the enemy to tripp one or more of these small vessels, whilest uncomptrollably hee had the liberty to indeavour itt, and force his passadge, which he failed not to doe, for comeing to the Musselbanke about the first quarter flood and above halfe an houre after sunsett with fourtheene or fifteene saile, he undisturbedly setts himselfe to make his way through, which he effected that night, as wee since finde by tripping the Edward and Eve ketch, which wee sunke to the Southward of the Dolphin, butt att the enemies departure hence found her to the Northward of that ship, and att some considerable distance from her. That night the guardships being fixed and furnished in every particular, and the ünity moored as nere the chaine as shee well could, and the Monmouth laid to passé to plye her broadside betwene the Matthias and Charles the 5th, and the two small forts att each side of the chaine (thrown up that day) fitted as well as the shortnesse of the time would give leave, Mylord and the Commissioner went to the yard, and ordered mee after I had performed what they left in command with mee to attend them att the Commissioners house, where betweene 10 and 11 that night I waited on them. Now having the day before sounded what depth the chaine lay in betweene two floats to the Northward of Charles the 5th, and finding from the surface to the chaine 8 foot 10 inches, I concluded they might have sundry fireships that went nott att a greater draught of water, and therefore was bold to propound the sinking three or foure of those Plemish ships wee had, in the narrow neare TJpner Castle, which being ships of great bulke and weight, and lyeing under the protection of our cannon from the castle, might prevent the enemies nearer aproach, if he should breake over the chaine. Butt it was concluded upon some debate, the masters attendant being asked theire opinion, not feasible, butt resolved itt was, that the Marmaduke, Sancta Maria and a flybote then in the river should be carried downe, ad sunke as neer the chaine as they could be laid to passé. Itt was now eleven a clock (and att one that morning itt would bee high water) when I was desired to indeavour the getting men for the transporting those ships. I immediately tooke horse, ridd to the neighbouring townes, raised such as I knew belonged to the Kings service, and requested indifferent persons that were capeable of that worke to afford us theire assistance, and I prevail'd with about 150 men to repaire to the doek, who were