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did I know any one guilty, itt is soe foule and unpardonable a crime, that I protest I would ere this haye bene his accuser. The next day being Friday the enemy attempted nothing on us, nor were wee in a eapacity to divert him from rigging the Charles, which worke he was that day wholly employed on, and the next feil downe the river; the tides then abating, severall of his ships came on ground, butt all gott off well. When he came to Shiernesse he there destroyed and levelled all with the earth, and pretty roundly plundred the Island ere hee departed, and now deare Sir pardon my prolixity and all my other weaknesses, and give mee leave only to adde this one observation, that amongst them all in the whole attempt, there appeared butt one hero that bravely adventured through the jaws of danger, to graspe att honor, and that when wee through our stupid security (which is certainly the highest point of indiscretion) had putt itt into the hands of our inveterate enemies to have done us the utmost mischiefe imaginable, and att one blow to have rendred three kingdomes inconsiderable, they though animated by a most propitious successe in the prosecution of theire designe, had not courage or power to consumate itt, which makes mee hope and believe, that God Almighty hath still a blessing in store for us, if our wickednesse and folly doth not forfiet itt. That I could noe sooner complye with your commands in this particular. I begge your pardon; multitude of other businesse continually taking mee off.

387. DEANE AAN PEPYS, 1 Aug. 1667!).

The Dutch fleet is gon up yesterday in the affternoone towards the river, and this day comes in a smake who tells us they are gon up to the Hope, which will be knowne to your honer ere this can come. The people of this place are all lulled into a peace and wonder what they should do up so high unlese they intend more mischeife which to me is noe question, and what they can do now of barme to us cannot be much unlese they have lefte off theire secureing the harbours as as they do with us ffor some time, but wee shall at some time or other be convinced of this comon securitie, but ffor my owne oppinion of theire coming, is, they dayly see small vessels pase by over the spits and are resollved to prevent them ffor ffuture, and withall they may want som ffresh provision which they will venture ffor rather then want, and I hope I may gues wright, at the least I wish it.

388. RICHARD TYLER AAN PEPYS, 2 Aug. 1667 2).

Yesterday towards evening at tyde of ffloud the whole fleet of the

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