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syde of the sandes I could teil 52 sayle of the enemy then coming to an anchor there from the West (where still they are most of them), a grate part of them smaks, hoyes and flye boates. Yesterday morninge at 2 of the clocke the Comissioner sent ont the same smake to seeke out Sir Joseph Jordan to give him an acount of the enemyes motion: and last eveninge the Lennox and the Spye came heer from Sir Joseph and this forenoon Sir Joseph with the rest of his fleet are within 2 leauges of this place: tbe Wynde is litle, otherways they had bin ere this at anchor in the Rowlinge grounde; a boate is sent off for Sir Joseph. I need not give you an account of our fyr ships actions: I doubt not but you have an acount, and what I have as yet is but imperfect.

391. DEANE AAN PEPYS, 11 Aug. 1667 »).

This is onely to hinte a few lines of what I have heard and do clearely see of the late busnes of the fierships against tbe Dutch.

Haveing discoursed with all do ffind great impeaching one another but mostly the fier ship who went not on against the men of war that they came not nigh enough to take up theire boates, and withall plead theire wrighten order to ffollow such signes which appeared not, but to that Sir Joseph and the partys who did service affeirmes they had order offten repeated by word of mouth to take all advantages on the enimie.

The 14 saille of fierships who went not on plead som discoredgement to see two of them to lay the enimy aboard and weare put off so soon as they weare affier, which indeed coulld not be otherways well expected, ffor it hapt that those two who went on were littell small one decke yauchts ffitted ffor the securytie of this harbour and to towe to any of the enimy which in coming in heare might hap to come on ground, and to that purpose had thought the worse men had bin in them, but it proves the best, and withall these 14 comanders say that if these littell vessells had not gon but kept thiere line, the vessells in the ffirst van woulld have bin sure to have burned those who were layed aboard. Now bow it came to pase the littell vessell went on ffirst wbo was to have bin the 7tn vessell, he sayes the Treulove shot at them to come on and the shot coming nigh him and seing the rest clap uppon a wind he went on to performe his dutty, which was ill to us he should not have a two deckt ship, so small was that he had that his maine yard was not 3 foot higher then the ships side he layd aboard; but in ffine when they went out I expected littell ellse, the comanders all raw men, the seamen worse

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